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  • 150A-60V-DC-Watt-Power-Analyzer-without-Anderson-Plugs

    150A 60V DC Power Analyzer

    R250.00 incl VAT

    The 150A 60V DC Power Analyzer is a valuable tool for anyone who needs to measure and monitor the performance of a DC power source. It is accurate, reliable, and easy to use.

  • Digital LED Panel Voltage Meter

    Digital LED panel Voltage meter

    R100.00 incl VAT

    Digital LED panel Voltage meter

    Wide measurement range: 0-99.9Volt
    3 digital bright LED, easy to read the digits
    Color: Red LED display
    Low power consumption
    Refresh Speed: about 500ms/each time
    Power supply: DC 4.5v – 28V

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