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Welcome to SP Energy’s Deye Inverters range, a reliable solution for your power needs. Discover the innovation behind our Deye 5kw and 8kw Deye hybrid inverters, offering seamless solar inverter installation. The wider Deye Inverter series, including our potent 16kw Deye inverter, ensures optimal energy supply to your property. As a top solar supplier in South Africa, our offer extends to an inclusive solar solutions package, including lithium batteries from renowned brands such as Hinaess Powergem and Dyness, and quality photovoltaic panels from manufacturers like Seraphim, Ja Solar, and Jinko. Our online shop guarantees not just best prices, and quality but an effortless process from shopping to home inverter installation. Access reliable off-grid solutions with our solar systems for homes, featuring essential elements like PV combiner boxes. We also offer secure mounting solutions, including solar panel roof installation and anti-theft clips. Shop now and join our energy evolution.

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Explore top Deye Hybrid Inverters, including 5KW, 8KW, 12KW 3-phase, 16KW, 20KW three-phase, and 50KW three-phase models.


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