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Esener Lithium-ion Batteries

Harness green energy with Esener’s advanced Lithium-ion Batteries, available in 10.24kWh, 5.12kWh, and 2.56kWh configurations, suitable for a diversity of applications, from residential solar systems to robust inverters. Experience consistent power backed by the reliability of lithium batteries, with prices that accommodate a cost-efficient transition to clean energy. Our lithium battery solutions cater to every need, be it for a compact 24V setup or a full-scale 100Ah system, providing you with the pinnacle of lithium-ion battery technology. Across South Africa, we equip solar installers and suppliers with top-tier solar batteries, merging sterling performance with unbeatable solar battery prices. Explore our offerings and join the sustainable movement with a trusted name in solar solutions. Buy now and save

Propel your home into an efficient future with our Esener 10.24kWh and 2.56kWh lithium-ion batteries. Offering the best price, these batteries are designed for solar system enthusiasts seeking performance and reliability. Shop now and experience the ultimate upgrade with Esener Battery, compatible with top inverter brands like Deye, LuxPower, and Sunsynk. Partner your Esener Battery with solar panels from renowned brands like Longi Solar and JA Solar for a comprehensive solar solution. Buy now and step into the future of home energy.

Explore High-Capacity 10.24kWh, 5.12kWh, and 2.56kWh Power Solutions

Powering the Future: Lithium-Ion Batteries