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  • Luxpower 6Kw Off-Grid Inverter

    Luxpower 6Kw Off-Grid Inverter SNA6000

    R12,000.00 incl VAT

    Upgrade to the versatile Luxpower 6kW Off-Grid Inverter for on-grid and off-grid solar systems. Luxpower 6kW SNA: The Game Changer in Solar Power Management.


    • NRS (National Regulation Standards) Approved.
    • Output Power: 6kW.
    • PV array: 8000W.
    • Warranty: 2 Years.
    • Brand: LuxpowerTek.
    • Luxpower Model: SNA 6000.

    Discover the Luxpower 6Kw Off-Grid Inverter SNA6000, now available in Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, and Durban solar warehouses.

  • deye 5kw inverter

    Deye 5Kw Hybrid Inverter

    R17,000.00 incl VAT

    Unlock Solar Power Freedom: The NRS-approved Deye 5Kw Hybrid inverter, with a 5-year warranty from Deye, is now available in Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, and Durban. The 5kw Deye hybrid inverter is a popular choice for residential solar power systems.

    Key features

    • NRS-approved 5KW Inverter charger.
    • High efficiency: 97.6%.
    • Two MPPT inputs.
    • Battery backup
    • Manufacturer: Deye.
    • Warranty: 5 years.

    Making Solar Simple: Deye 5KW Inverter.

  • deye 8kw inverter

    Deye 8KW Hybrid Inverter

    R29,000.00 incl VAT

    Get the Deye 8KW Hybrid Inverter, the ultimate power solution, now available in South Africa at our solar warehouses in Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, and Durban. The Deye 8kW is another powerful option from Deye in the world of solar inverters.

    Deye Inverter: The Smart Choice for Sustainable Living!


    • Capacity: 8 kW.
    • LCD Touch screen.
    • Hybrid Functionality.
    • Grid-Tie and Off-Grid Capabilities.
    • Smart Management.
    • Brand: Deye.
    • Model: SUN-8K-SG01LP1-EU.

    Deye 8kw inverter: Crafting the Future of Solar Power!

  • Deye 12kW 3-Phase Hybrid Inverter Product Image

    Deye 12Kw 3 Phase Hybrid Inverter

    R42,981.00 incl VAT

    Deye 12KW 3 Phase Hybrid Inverter: An Outstanding Energy Solution.
    The Deye 12KW 3-Phase Hybrid Inverter is a robust, efficient and reliable choice for your energy needs.

    Key features of the Deye 12kW 3 Phase Hybrid Inverter:

    • Maximum output power of 12kW.
    • Compatible with three-phase power systems.
    • Can be paired with batteries for energy storage.
    • Supports on-grid and off-grid operation.
    • User-friendly interface.
    • Remote monitoring and control capabilities.
    • High efficiency (up to 97.6%).
    • Hybrid 3-Phase Inverter.


  • deye 16kw inverter

    Deye 16KW Hybrid Inverter

    R52,201.00 incl VAT

    The Deye 16kW Hybrid Inverter is a powerful inverter that can be used in both residential and commercial applications. It has a maximum output power of 16kW. The inverter also has a built-in battery backup system that can provide power during a grid outage.

    Key features:

    • LCD Touch screen.
    • Supports on-grid and off-grid operation.
    • User-friendly interface.
    • Remote monitoring and control capabilities.
    • High efficiency (up to 98.5%).
    • Wide operating temperature range.

    Get the Deye 16KW Hybrid Inverter now available in our solar warehouses across Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, and Durban. Power your future, today!

  • Deye-50KW-3-Phase-Hybrid-Inverter

    Deye 50Kw Three Phase Hybrid Inverter

    R99,438.00 incl VAT

    The Deye 50kW Three-Phase Hybrid Inverter: A Game Changer in Commercial Energy Solutions. Boost energy independence with the Deye 50kW Three-Phase Hybrid Inverter, perfect for commercial use and grid reduction.


    • Model: SUN-50K-SG01HP3-EU-BM4
    • Three-Phase Compatibility.
    • NRS Approved.
    • Outstanding PV Power Handling.
    • 99.9% Efficiency.
    • HV Lithium-Ion Battery.
    • Unique Smart Load application.
    • Grid peak shaving function.
    • Low Battery Voltage Safety.
    • 5-year Warranty.
  • SRNE 5kw Lifepo4 all-in-one energy system5Kw Lifepo4 All-In-One System by SRNE

    SRNE 5Kw Lifepo4 All In One System

    R27,500.00 incl VAT

    The SRNE 5Kw all-in-one inverter ensures your off-grid needs are fully covered.

  • SRNE 3.3kW Off-Grid Inverter3.3kW SRNE off-grid inverter model SR-HF2430S80-H

    SRNE 3.3Kw Off Grid Inverter: 80A MPPT

    R6,999.00 incl VAT

    Discover the efficiency of the SRNE 3.3Kw Off Grid Inverter, armed with an 80A MPPT for optimal solar power conversion.
    Experience the power of SRNE Inverters today!

  • SRNE integrated solar power systemSRNE All-in-One Solar Power Unit

    SRNE 3.5Kw Lifepo4 All In One System

    R25,000.00 incl VAT

    The SRNE inverter “All-In-One” solar System provides everything you need for off-grid applications including:
    1 X 3.5kW (3500W) 24V Inverter.
    1 X 5.12kWh, 200Ah, 25.6V Lifepo4 battery.

  • PowerGem Plus 14.3kWh Lithium-ion Battery by HinaEss

    PowerGem Plus 14.3kWh Lithium-ion Battery: HinaEss

    R37,000.00 incl VAT

    Experience PowerGem 14.3kWh, a revolution in home energy, Embrace Hinaess 14.3kWh: Your Key to a Green Future.

    Battery Features

    • Brand: HinaEss.
    • Capacity: 14.3kWh.
    • Long cycle life: over 6,000 to 8,000 cycles.
    • High usable capacity: 12.87kWh.
    • Battery Type: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP).
    • Compatible with most solar inverters.
    • Upgrade your energy storage with the HinaESS PowerGem Plus 14.3kWh Lithium-ion Battery by HinaEss – Now available in Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, and Durban solar warehouses.
  • Close-Up View of PowerGem HiNaESS Sustainable Energy Storage Unit

    PowerGem 5.12kWh Lithium-ion Battery: HinaEss

    R17,250.00 incl VAT

    Discover PowerGem 5.12kWh Lithium-ion Battery: HinaEss, redefining the realm of energy storage as the ultimate game-changer. The PowerGem 5.12kWh Lithium Battery from HinaEss can deliver continuous 1C charge or discharge rates.


    • Brand: HinaEss Battery.
    • Battery Model: PowerGem.
    • Power: 5.12kWh.
    • 1C continuous charge/discharge rating
    • 6000 cycles with a 10-year warranty.

    Elevate your energy solution with the PowerGem 5.12kWh Lithium-ion Battery by HinaEss. Now available across Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, and Durban solar warehouses.

  • HinAess Hi-5 5.12Kwh Lithium Battery

    HinaEss: HI-5 5.12kWh Lithium Battery

    R16,700.00 incl VAT
    • The HinaESS 5.12kWh is a high-performance lithium-ion battery that can be used with many popular inverters. Compact Powerhouse: Hina ESS 5.12kWh Battery Beats the Bulk. Future of Energy: The HI-5 5.12kWh Lithium Battery for Sustainable Power Solutions

    5.12kWh Lithium Battery Features

    Power up with the HinaEss HI-5 5.12kWh Lithium Battery, now in stock at solar warehouses in Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, and Durban.

  • Deye 6.14kWh Lithium Ion Battery designed for increased energy storage

    Deye 6.14kWh Lithium-Ion Battery


    Deye 6.14kWh Battery – simply the best lithium-ion battery for solar. Deye Battery, a low-voltage wall-mounted battery. This Deye battery is part of the RW-M6.1 series, a lithium iron phosphate battery developed by Deye.


    • Model: RW-M6.1.
    • Brand: Deye Battery.
    • Energy: 6.14kWh.
    • Usable electricity: 5.53kWh.
    • Rating: C1.
    • Depth of discharge: 90%.

    Get the High-Efficiency Deye 6.14kWh Lithium-Ion Battery – Available Now at Solar Warehouses in Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, and Durban.

  • Volta 5.12 kWh Lithium-ion Battery

    Volta 5.12kWh Lithium-ion Battery

    R26,500.00 incl VAT
    • Explore the Volta 5.12kWh Lithium-ion Battery. Ideal for diverse solar solutions, its high energy density and low self-discharge rate make it a reliable choice.
    • Enjoy unparalleled Lithium power with its long cycle life.
    • Revolutionize Your Power Solutions: The Power of Volta Lithium Batteries.
    • Model: Volta Stage 1.
    • Nominal capacity: 5.12kWh.
    • Cell type: LiFePO4.
    • Cycle life: 6,000+ cycles at 80% DOD.
    • Built-in BMS.
    • Wall-mountable
    • Lightweight and Compact
  • Dyness 5.12kWh Lithium-Ion Battery Module

    Dyness 5.12kWh Lithium-ion Battery

    R22,500.00 incl VAT

    Dyness 5.12kWh, BX51100 is a lithium-ion battery designed for use in solar power systems. It has a capacity of 5.12kWh, which means it can store 5.12 kilowatt-hours of energy.
    Redefining Energy with Dyness 5.12kWh Battery.
    Capacity: 5.12kWh
    Battery type: LiFePO4
    Cycle life: 6000 cycles
    Dimensions: 558 x 545 x 190mm
    Weight: 59kg

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