Solar Panel Energy

Dyness Lithium-ion Battery

Dyness Lithium-ion Battery for South Africa. The Dyness batteries is an All-In-One power solution that combines Solar, UPS and batteries in one compact unit. If you are tired of those unreliable Eskom power outages then we suggest you get a Dyness battery. Dyness is a high-quality, high-performance lithium battery designed to keep your batteries running longer than ever before.

  • R28,000.00 R26,500.00 incl VAT

    4.8Kwh Dyness LiFePO4 rechargeable battery. The Dyness 4.8Kwh battery is designed to be very low maintenance, a cost-effective, zero-emissions alternative to diesel generators for off-grid…

  • Dyness Battery Cable Pack
    R360.00 incl VAT

    Dyness Battery Cable Pack – This Dyness Battery Cable pack is for use with Dyness Li-ion batteries, and is designed to connect the battery to…

  • Dyness 3.6kWh Brackets (Pair)
    R750.00 incl VAT

    Dyness 3.6kWh Brackets (Pair) A set of battery brackets that allow Dyness batteries to be vertically stacked. 3.6kWh Battery bracket for use with Dyness 3Kwh…