Solar Panel Energy

Can i change settings on the inverter from my cell phone or PC?

Yes, you can.
The Luxpower Wi-Fi is designed to work without an internet connection, unlike some other competitors.
You can make changes to settings on the Luxpower inverter with your computer or Smartphone (even if they aren’t connected to the internet).

Settings via local connect steps:
1. Insert data log into the inverter.
2. Open up Wi-Fi Settings on your device and wait until you can see the data log serial number.
3. Connect to the data log; keep the Wi-Fi connection.
4. Once connected, open up the Luxpower app.
5. Select “local connect”. This will log you indirectly to the inverter, not via any Wi-Fi.
6. Once the data has loaded, select “set”.
7. Select “read all”.
8. Wait for the data to populate, once populated Settings can be changed.