Lightning protector

a lightning protector or lightning surge protector is a device designed to shield electrical equipment from voltage spikes induced by lightning strikes.

  • DC surge protection is a must-have for safeguarding electronics, particularly in storms. Surge protectors ward off voltage spikes potentially caused by lightning. Meanwhile, they shield from internal surges too, such as those from power switching. Furthermore, DC surge protectors are uniquely tailored to DC electrical systems.
  • Lightning protection plugs play an essential role in electrical safety. They guard devices against voltage surges, usually caused by lightning strikes. Surprisingly, they also protect from internal power surges. As a result, they are useful in homes stressed by weather fluctuations.

What is a surge protection?

  • Surge protection is a mechanism used to shield electronic devices from sudden spikes in electrical power, known as power surges. These surges can be triggered by several factors including, lightning strikes, power outages, short circuits, or turning on high-power electrical devices


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