Solar Panel Energy

  • Deye 5kw Hybrid Inverter
    R17,950.00 incl VAT

    Deye 5kw Hybrid Inverter – NRS approved 5Kw Deye Hybrid Inverter charger, compatible with Lithium-Ion batteries. Ideal for hybrid, off-grid backup applications in South Africa.

  • Deye 8kW Hybrid Inverter
    R31,400.00 incl VAT

    Deye 8kW Hybrid Inverter¬† – NRS Approved inverter. Deye hybrid inverter models are designed to suit your needs with high power and output and a…

  • R42,950.00 incl VAT

    The Sofar 15kw Three-Phase Inverter is the perfect solution for all your off-grid energy needs. 15kw Sofar Three-Phase Energy storage integrated inverter. The Sofar 15kw…

  • R19,750.00 incl VAT

    Sofar 6000-ES 6kVA/6kW Hybrid Inverter.¬† The 6KW Sofar hybrid inverter is used in photovoltaic systems for home and business where battery backup is also required.…

  • Goodwe ES 4.6kW Hybrid Inverter
    R31,200.00 incl VAT

    The Goodwe ES 4.6kW Hybrid Inverter is the perfect choice to use as a renewable source of energy in your home or business. With a…