100A 500V Din Fuse 100NHG000B

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  • Boost your power system’s safety with our 100A 500V Din Fuse.
  • Promising long-lasting performance and high reliability in system protection.
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The 100A 500V DIN fuse 100NHG000B is a high-current fuse that is commonly used in solar energy systems. It is rated for a maximum current of 100 amps and a maximum voltage of 500 volts. This fuse is used to protect electrical circuits from excessive current flow.

The 100NHG000B fuse is a DIN fuse, which means that it has a standardized size and mounting system. DIN fuses are typically mounted in fuse bases on DIN rails. It is a high-quality fuse that is designed to meet the demanding requirements of solar energy systems.

Applications of the 100NHG000B fuse:
  • Solar energy systems.
  • Wind energy systems.
  • Battery banks.
  • Inverters.
  • Charge controllers.
  • Motor controllers.
  • Other high-current electrical circuits.

If you are looking for a high-quality, high-current fuse for your solar energy system, the 100NHG000B fuse is a good option to consider.