160A 500V Din Fuse 100NHG000B

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2 x 160A 500V Din Fuses used with the Fuse switch disconnector 160A 3P, between batteries and inverter.

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The 160A 500V DIN Fuse 100NHG000B is a general-purpose fuse that is commonly used to protect conductors in low-voltage industrial applications. It is rated at 160 amps and 500 volts AC, and has a DIN rail mounting style. This fuse is designed to protect against short circuits and overcurrents. It has a high breaking capacity, which means that it can withstand high current spikes. The fuse also has a status indicator, so it is easy to spot any faults for quick replacement.

  • General-purpose fuse for conductor protection.
  • Rated at 160 amps and 500 volts AC.
  • DIN rail mounting style.
  • High breaking capacity.
  • Status indicator.
  • Low-voltage industrial applications.
  • Conductor protection.
  • Short circuit protection.
  • Overcurrent protection.
  • Protects conductors from damage.
  • Prevents fires and other electrical hazards.
  • Easy to install and replace.
  • DIN rail mounting style for space efficiency.
  • High-breaking capacity for consistent performance.
  • Status indicator for easy fault detection.

This fuse is a critical safety component in any low-voltage industrial application. It is important to install the correct fuse size for your application, and to replace it immediately if it blows.