Solar Panel Energy

2.4Kw Synapse 3V+ Off-Grid Inverter

R4,800.00 incl VAT

2.4Kw 24V Synapse Solar / UPS inverter ideally for load shedding to supply uninterrupted power, your home Inverter solution.
High-performance built-in MPPT solar charge controller for solar panels.

2.4Kw Synapse 3V+ Off-Grid Inverter is specifically designed for solar PV systems or off-grid power supply applications. It can be matched with solar panels to provide DC power. Designed to fit in smaller spaces than traditional Inverters, the Synapse inverter 2.4kw 24V Hybrid can also be used in tandem with a charge controller to construct a complete off-grid solar energy system. The Synapse 2000W Inverter features an inverter function. This allows the AC to run on its own battery when the generator is not producing power. This 2.4Kw Synapse Off-Grid Inverter unit will produce enough power to keep your essential devices running. Synapse offers an extensive range of 2.4Kw Synapse Inverter products in South Africa. Find quality 2000W Inverter products to suit all your needs from our comprehensive range.

The battery equalization function on the 2.4Kw 24V Synapse inverter helps prolong rechargeable batteries with automatic inter-stage battery equalization. For those who want to store power from photovoltaic (PV), and power for emergency backup power, the Synapse 3V+ is a valuable companion as you strive to live more sustainably.

Rated Power: 3KVA/2.4KW.
Input Voltage: 24V.
Solar Array: 1000W.
MPPT: 40A.
PV Voc: 102VDC.
Output Voltage Waveform: Pure Sine Wave.
Frequency: 50Hz.
Peak Efficiency: 93%.
Dimension (D*W*H): 88 x 257.6 x 320mm.
Weight: 5.7kg.

MPPT Solar Charging Mode.
Charging Current: 40Amp.
PV Array MPPT Voltage Range: 0-80Vdc.
Max. PV Array Open Circuit Voltage: 102Vdc.
Max Charging Current (AC charger plus solar charger): 60Amp.

DC Charging Mode.
Charging Algorithm: 3-Step.
AC Charging Current (Max): 25Amp.

2.4Kw Synapse, reliable, and cost-effective Off-Grid Inverters.
There are many reasons to go solar. Above all, the power from the Sun is free.
Hybrid and Off-grid Inverters are also AC power supplies but they use stored DC power in a battery or battery bank.

How many batteries do I need for my inverter?
Because the 2.4Kw Synapse draws its power for a 24V battery bank, you will need at least two 12Volt batteries wired in series