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3.6KWh Dyness B3 Lithium Ion Battery

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3.6KWh Dyness B3 Lithium Ion Battery – Start using clean energy, day, and night with a 3.6kwh Dyness lifepo4 Lithium-ion Battery. The 3.6KW Dyness B3 lithium-ion solar battery is widely used in energy storage and electrical products. Compact size & lightweight, independent BMS system.

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3.6KWh Dyness B3 Lithium Ion Battery are cost-effective and environment friendly. Dyness battery combines a highly competitive storage density, with high power and energy efficiency. Dyness lifepo4 Lithium-ion 3.6kWh Battery is the next generation of Lithium-Ion Batteries. This makes them an ideal solution for a wide range of applications including storing solar or wind-generated electrical energy, providing backup power for grid stability, or improving peak demand reduction in large-scale commercial premises like Shopping Centers, Airports, or Warehouses. The Dyness 3.6kwh 48v lithium-ion battery power pack is as close to an off-the-shelf battery solution as you can get. They are designed for commercial and industrial applications, but not limited to, that require a quick power up and shut down in conjunction with multiple storage energy capacities. The cases protect the housing internal components from dust, mud, and water. The battery pack has a built-in BMS which protects each individual cell from overcharging or discharging. Dyness lifepo4 Lithium-ion 3.6kWh Battery, for energy storage. The Dyness lithium-ion battery is equipped with an intelligent BMS. The 48V 3.6Kwh Dyness Lithium-Ion Battery is an ideal solution for powering back up solar needs.

The Dyness Lithium-Ion Battery is the new, first-class choice for solar power backup. Its long lifespan makes it the ideal investment. The 3.6Kwh Dyness Lithium-Ion Battery is the ideal solution for powering backup solar needs and is a great addition to an off-grid home in South Africa. Contact us for the best 3.6kwh Dyness lithium battery price. Dyness B4874 3.6kWh 48V lithium Battery is manufactured using high-quality Lithium-Ion cells and cutting-edge lithium-ion battery cell technology. The 3.6Kwh Dyness Lithium Battery is an affordable power solution for your next project.

Features and advantages.
LiFePO4 battery, Safe, Longer life span.
Modular design, Easy to stack, Quick installation.
Larger energy capacity at 3.5 kWh, up to 56kWh total in paralleling.
Wide temperature range of -20~50°C.

Dyness Model: B3.
Energy: 3.6kWh.
Capacity: 75Ah.
Voltage: 48V.
Max. Continuous Discharge Current: 50A.
Charging Cut-Off Vol: 54V.
Discharging End-Off Vol: 40.5V.
Net Weight: 30Kg.
Dimension(W x D x H): 400 X 360 X 133.5mm.
Protection Level: IP20.
Calendar Life: 6000 Cycles.
Communication: CAN / RS485.
Configuration: Up to 144kWh total energy, 40 modules parallel at most.
Recommend C Rate: 0.5C.
Warranty: 10 years.

The 3.6KWh Dyness Lithium-Ion Battery is a great solution for anyone trying to cut the high power bills of their utility grid-tied renewable energy systems with an off-grid battery backup system. This proven and tested product has one of the longest cycles on the market and can be used for 10 years or longer before it will need to be replaced, making it the most suitable solution for home solar battery backup applications.

The 3.6KWh Dyness Lithium-Ion Battery System offers a high power density and energy density for superior performance in the world’s most popular off-grid applications. It is an ideal battery for use in hybrid applications with an on-grid tie, backup power for telecom base stations, solar installations, and other demanding applications with stringent discharge and cycle requirements.

Create a sustainable power solution with the Dyness 3.6kWh lithium-ion battery The Dyness 3.6 kWh Battery is a lithium-ion battery with a life of 10 years. It can be used as an emergency backup to power air conditioners, lights, and other consumer electronics when utility power is disturbed due to storms or blackouts.  The innovative Lithium-Ion technology ensures optimal performance and safety. It includes a smart charge feature that provides the charging current you need at any point in the life of the battery when your solar array isn’t producing enough power. The Dyness battery will live for up to 10 years, providing longer and more reliable service than traditional lead-acid batteries. The Dyness battery can be used as a deep cycle or stand-alone battery, allowing you to use this single product for multiple applications. Dyness 3.6KWh Lithium-Ion batteries are cost-effective and environment friendly. Dyness battery combines a highly competitive storage density, with high power and energy efficiency. Dyness batteries are used for a variety of applications, such as solar. The compact design and weight makes the battery easy to transport or install. Dyness’ 3.6KWh Lithium-Ion battery pack is a perfect choice when you want an energy dense, cost-effective battery that offers reliable power for your applications.