450mm Long, 35mm Grey Battery Cable

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  • A 450mm long, 35mm grey battery cable is a cable specifically designed for connecting batteries in solar power systems.
  •  It is typically made of tinned copper for conductivity and corrosion resistance, and has a grey PVC insulation jacket for protection.
  • The cable also has lugs on each end for easy connection to terminals.
  • The 450mm-long cable connects the Inverter and Fuse disconnector to the Battery.
  • The Cable has a diameter of 35mm.
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Discover the flexibility and durability offered by the 450mm Long, 35mm Grey HinaEss Battery | PowerGem Battery Cable. In spite of its compact size, it’s perfect for your solar set-up, providing uncompromised performance. The cable, simple but crucial, is 35mm2.

Derived from the highest quality materials, its grey colour and 450mm length are noticeable features. Another key point to remember is that it comes with meticulously attached lugs on each end. Consequently, it ensures a robust, protective connection, and fits seamlessly with a hole diameter of 8mm.

Furthermore, this cable stands as solid proof that effective energy solutions can be both practical and affordable. For instance, you no longer need to compromise quality for price, thanks to such dependable, easy-to-install options.

Here are some of the key features of this cable:
  • Length: 450mm.
  • Colour: Grey.
  • Cross-sectional area: 35mm2.
  • Hole Diameter: 8mm.
  • Type: Single cable with lugs on either side

Please note: This is a single 35mm2 solar battery cable, 450mm long with lugs on either side.
SP-Energy is a South African company that specializes in the supply of solar and renewable energy products. They offer a wide range of products, including battery cables, inverters, charge controllers, and solar panels.

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