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50pcs MC4 Solar Connector Pair

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50pcs  Male + 50pcs Female MC4 Single Cable Connectors

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The MC4 Solar Connector is used to connector solar cable that is exposed to the weather.
When locked, the male and female MC4 Solar Panel Connector contacts are sealed against water and dust.
Minimize the chance of wrong solar panel connections.MC4 Connectors for PV systems.

Advantages of using MC4 Connectors for PV systems.
Simple, quick, safe, and effective filed assembly.
Adaptive to MC4 connector directly.
High mechanical endurance.
High current and voltage carrying: 30A, 1,000DC.
Low transition resistance.
Innovative sealed, waterproof.
Dust resistance design: IP67.
Excellent plastic material.
Temperature range: -40°c to 90°c.
weather and UV resistant.
Approved by ETL and TUV.

Item: MC4 Solar Connectors for PV
Test Voltage:1000V DC.
Overvoltage Type:6000V(50Hz, 1min).
Contact Resistance Of Plug Connector: CAT III /2.
Contact Material: Copper, Tin-plated.
Insulation Material: PPO.
Degree Of Protection: IP2X/IP67.
Flame Class: UL94-VO.
Safety Class: II.
Suitable Cable: OD 4.5-8.5(2.5-6.0mm2).
Insertion Force/Withdrawal Force: ≤ 50N/ ≥ 50N.
Connecting: Crimp.
Temperature Range:-40℃ ~ +125℃.

Solar MC4 connectors for a smooth power transfer between PV and Combiner box