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63A 600V DC Beny Double Pole Isolator

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63A 600V DC Beny double pole isolator

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Mini DC isolator switch 2P 600V 63A
600V 63A isolator 2P can be used as DC string switch, for 1 string both positive and negative.
The mini type DC isolator with safe barriers will isolate the DC arcing during the cable wiring.
For all DC systems which is below 600V 63A
True DC isolator switch for PV application,used between solar arrays and inverters,isolating the PV array during system installation or any maintenance.
The switch must be rated for system voltage (1.15 x string open circuit voltage Voc) and current (1.25 x string short circuit current Isc)

The Newest PV standard DC switch.
Longer working time.
Electrical Life Beyond DC-PV2 up to 1000 Cycles.

Electrical Characteristics
Type: BB1H-63
Comply With: IEC60947-3/GB14048.3
Pole: 2P
Rated Working Voltage Ue: 600V DC
Max Rated Current: 63A
Rated Insulated Voltage Ui: 1200V DC
Rated Impulsed Voltage Uimp: 4KV
Arcing time: <3ms

Service Life/Cycle Operation
Actual Value (Mechanical): 20000
Standard Value (Mechanical): 8500
Actual Value (Electrical): 4000
Standard Value (Electrical): 1500
Isolator Function (Electrical): Yes

Installation Environment
Ingress Protection: All Sides IP40 ,Connection Terminal IP20
Terminal Cross Section: 2.5-25mm2
Working Temperature: -25C-+70ºC
Storage Temperature: -40C-+85ºC
Resistance to Humidity And Heat: II (when humidity arrived to 55ºC relative humidity 95%)
Resistance to Shock: 2.6 IEC60068
Resistance to Impact: 2.27 IEC60068