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Allgrand 100Ah Battery

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Allgrand 100Ah Battery GEL-VRLA gives you maximum storage for any solar setup and can deliver 1500 cycles at 50% DOD. Ideal for solar systems.

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Allgrand 100Ah Battery (6-Gfm-100), 12V 100AH

Our Allgrand Deep Cycle Battery 100AH 12V Gel is highly efficient, long cycle life, deep discharge battery with AGM construction. 100Ah Deep Cycle Battery 100AH 12V Gel. Allgrand 100Ah cycle battery has a very high discharge rate, ideal for solar or any other battery application that requires a high surge of power. Allgrand is best for loads such as solar, wind, solar inverters, ups, etc. The Allgrand 100Ah Battery is in a class of its own. Designed for long life and low maintenance, this Allgrand 100Ah battery is the perfect solution for all your off-grid applications. A 100Ah Allgrand Battery is the brain of your solar power system. It stores the energy that you harvest from the sun during the day and delivers it to your home at night.100ah Allgrand Gel batteries have a longer design and cycle life than other deep cycle batteries. Their thick-plate electrodes and gel electrolyte make them especially suited to applications where the battery will often be taken below 50% capacity. The Allgrand gel deep-cycle batteries were developed and designed by world-class German engineers, to be used with solar power systems.

The Allgrand batteries are sealed and maintenance-free – never checks or requires water fill-ups…

General Features Wide operating temperature range from -25°C to 45°C Sealed and maintenance-free operation. Low self-discharge rate and long shelf life (9 months at 25°C). ABS containers and covers. No memory effect, thick flat plate with high Tin low Calcium alloy Absorptive Glass Mat Technology (AGM System). Safety valve installation for explosion-proof. Long Service Life, Float, or Cyclic.

100Ah Allgrand Capacity (25ºC)
10Hr (10A,1.75V): 100Ah
5Hr (18.6A,1.75V): 93Ah
3Hr (14.16A,1.75V): 85Ah
1Hr (60.0A,1.70V): 60Ah

Charge Voltage 25ºC
Cycle Use: 14.2V(-24mV/°C),max charge current:15A
Float Use: 13.5V(-18mV/°C)
Approx Weight: 29.50kg
Internal Resistance: 7.1mΩ
Self Discharge: ≤2% per month (25ºC)

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 34 × 34 × 29 cm