Crimp Cable Lug 35mm2 x M8

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Crimp Cable Lug 35mm x M8 is perfect for joining cables.

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Crimp Cable Lug 35mm x M8 simplifies battery installations. Designed for 35mm welding battery cables, it ensures easy setup. The kit includes two easily crimpable cable lugs, reducing time and hassle. Consequently, it’s an affordable choice for solar panel installations. Making the setup process effortless and efficient, saving you both time and cost. Crimp Cable Lug 35mm connects to a cable end, connecting to other devices or terminals.  Its 35mm size corresponds to the conductor’s cross-sectional area.

  • Strip the cable: Strip cable insulation, exposing the conductor, matched to the lug barrel’s depth.
  • Insert the cable: Insert the stripped conductor into the lug barrel ensuring full seating.
  • Crimp the lug: Use a lug-specific crimping tool, ensuring proper connection with minimal resistance.
  • Connect the lug: Connect the lug to its terminal or device using an appropriate fastener securely.

Benefits and Features of using crimp cable lugs:

  • Reliable and efficient.
  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Provide a secure and permanent connection between the cable and the lug.
  • Description: Heavy-duty crimping lug.
  • Material: Electrolytic copper – annealed and tin-plated.
  • Cable: 35mm.
  • ∅ STUD (mm): 8mm.
  • Palm Width (mm): 17mm.