DC Surge Protection 1000V 3P

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A DC Surge Protection Device (SPD) at 1000V and 3-pole design is an essential component for protecting Direct Current (DC) electrical systems from voltage spikes or surges.

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SP Energy’s DC Surge Protection 1000V 3P, is the DC surge protector of your solar system. As a lightning protector, it ensures your valuable devices remain safe and sound! DC surge protection devices (SPDs) are designed to protect DC electrical systems from surges and spikes in voltage. Surges and spikes can be caused by a variety of factors, including lightning strikes, power outages, and switching operations. SPDs are used in a variety of applications, including solar energy systems, battery banks, and electric vehicles.

  • First, let’s delve into its impressive technical specs. Its classified test is Ⅱ. Furthermore, it triumphs with an impressive Un (V DC) of 1200 and Uc (V DC) of 1000. As a result, it stands superior in electric performance.
  • Now, let’s focus on its surge capacity. After all, in essence, it’s a protector! In(8/20)us stands at a strong 20 kA. Moreover, boasting Imax(8/20)us at 40 kA, it faces ruptures effortlessly. Hence, it shields your gadgets against dangerous surges.

Key Benefits of Surge Protection.

  • Device Protection: Protection against potentially damaging electrical surges that can affect the lifespan and efficiency of devices.
  • Cost-Effective: Investing in surge protectors can save you the cost of replacing damaged devices.
  • Data Preservation: Keeps data safe on electronic devices by preventing damage from power surges.


  • Item: DC surge protector.
  • Pole: 3P.
  • Classified test: Ⅱ.
  • Un (V DC): 1200.
  • Uc (V DC): 1000.
  • In(8/20)us (kA): 20.
  • Imax(8/20)us (kA): 40.
  • Up (kV): 3.8.
  • Hardwiring capacity: 4~25mm²
  • Flexible wiring capacity: 4~16mm²
  • Stripping length: 10mm.
  • Terminal screw: MS.
  • Protection class: IP40.
  • Altitude (m): ≤ 2000.
  • Working Temperature: -3.0~+70.
  • Relative humidity: 30%~90%.
  • How to Install: Installed with H35-7.5/DIN35 steel mounting rail.