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DC Surge Protection 600V 20-40KA Solar PV

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Solar PV Surge Protection is an effective method for protection against transient overvoltage and lightning in solar power systems.

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DC surge protection a Surge Protection, 600V 20-40KA Solar PV is designed to protect DC power supply lines of the solar inverter and other necessary equipment for the solar energy system (inverter, solar panels and controllers) against surges and spikes caused by lightning, severe weather or man-made objects. It can effectively prevent direct lightning strikes and electrical damage caused by a system failure, a power grid that has been compromised or an equipment fault.

a Lightning Protector will protect your solar PV. Our DC surge protection solar 600V 20-40KA can effectively protect your Solar PV from lightning strikes and damage. Our DC surge protection devices are perfect for avoiding surges and spikes caused by lightning, severe weather, or man-made objects. Protect your solar system,  inverter and home by investing in a lightning protector for your house.

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  • Pole: 2P.
  • Classified test: ll.
  • Un (V DC: 600.
  • In(8/20)us (kA): 20.
  • Imax(8/20)us (kA): 40.
  • Up (kV): 3.8.
  • Hardwiring capacity(mm²): 4~25.
  • Flexible wiring capacity(mm²): 4~16.
  • Stripping length(mm): 10.
  • Terminal screws: MS.
  • Protection class: IP40.
  • Installation environment: No obvious shock and vibration.
  • Altitude (m): ≤ 2000.
  • Working Temperature: -3.0~+70.
  • Relative humidity: 30%~90%.