Deye 5.32kWh Lithium-Ion Battery

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Power up with the Deye 5.32kWh Lithium-Ion Battery, now in stock at our solar warehouses in Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, and Durban, South Africa. Secure efficient and reliable energy storage for your home. Go green and stay powered! Deye Battery: The Ultimate Game-Changer in Home Energy Storage. Go Green with a Lithium Solar Battery.


  • 6000 cycles @ 90% DOD.
  • Long Cycle Life.
  • Rack-Mounted or Wall-Mounted.
  • Safe and Easy Installation.
  • Low Voltage Lithium Solar Battery.
  • 10-year warranty – If installed with a Deye inverter

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Deye 5.32kWh Lithium-Ion Battery

The Deye 5.32kWh Lithium-Ion Battery is a high-capacity energy storage solution designed for seamless integration with solar systems. Deye 5.32kWh Lithium Battery is a good option for those looking for a high-capacity, long-lasting battery for their solar system. Lithium Solar Battery: Your Key to Sustainable Power Solutions. Maximize Solar Efficiency: Deye 5.3kWh Battery for Renewable Energy Storage.

  • This Deye 5.32kWh Lithium-Ion Battery has a capacity of 5.32kWh, which is enough to power a typical home for several hours during load shedding.
  • Deye 5.32kWh Battery – an efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly solution for your power storage needs.
  • Go Green with a Deye 5.32kwh Lithium Solar Battery.
  • Can be expanded up to 64 units

Features of the Deye Battery:

  • Capacity: 5.32 kWh.
  • Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4).
  • Capacity: 104Ah.
  • Nominal Voltage: 51.2V.
  • Current: 104Ah.
  • Operating Voltage: 43.2-57.6V.
  • Energy: 5.32kWh.
  • Usable Energy: 4.79kWh.
  • Weight Approximate: 45 kg.
  • Dimensions: 580 x 300 x 215 mm

Battery Charge / Discharge Current (A).

  • Recommend: 50A.
  • Max.: 100A.
  • Peak: 120A (30s, 25).

Deye Battery Parameters

  • Cycle Life: ≥6000.
  • Recommend Depth of Discharge: 90%.
  • Installation: Floor-Mounted, Wall-Mounted.
  • IP Rating of Enclosure: IP20.
  • Communication Port: CAN2.0, RS485.
  • Certification: CE, IEC62619, UN38.3.
  • Warranty: 10 years (when paired with a Deye inverter).
  • Deye 5.32kwh Battery can store 4.78 kilowatt-hours of energy.

Benefits of the Deye Battery:

  • Safe and reliable: (LiFePO4) chemistry, safest and most stable types of lithium-ion battery.
  • Long lifespan: The battery is rated for up to 6000 cycles, which means it can last for many years.
  • Scalable: Up to 64 batteries can be connected in parallel to provide a maximum capacity of 340kWh.
  • Battery Management System (BMS): The BMS ensures the safe operation of the battery by monitoring voltage, current, and temperature.

Get the powerful Deye 5.32kWh Lithium-Ion Battery now at CNBM Warehouse Cape Town, Bloemfontein, and Durban. Secure your seamless solar integration today!

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Additional information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 56 × 44 × 13.3 cm


Deye 5.32kwh lithium Battery Datasheet

Look into the technical specifications of the Deye 5.32kwh Battery using our descriptive Datasheet. This document provides an in-depth look at the product’s features, functionalities, and technical attributes.

Download Here

Deye 5.32kWh Battery Datasheet

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