Deye 50Kw 3PH Hybrid Solar System Combo

From: R454,156.00 incl VAT

  • Prices do not include delivery or installation.

Deye 50Kw Three Phase Hybrid Inverter

R117,000.00 incl VAT

Deye BOS-G 5.12kwh HV Lithium-Ion Battery × 12

R27,475.50 incl VAT each

Deye Cluster Control Box BMU for BOS-G Battery

R14,950.00 incl VAT

Deye HV Battery 3U Rack

R7,450.00 incl VAT

Get hands-on with the Deye 50Kw 3PH Hybrid Solar System Combo. First off, it brings efficiency and dependability to the fore. Designed for high-voltage hybrid inverters, it connects perfectly with the Deye 50kW Hybrid Inverter. Also, it boasts a 5.12kWh Deye BOS-G HV Lithium-Ion Battery, ensuring robust, uninterrupted power supplies for homes or businesses.

Additionally, coordinative power management isn’t a hurdle with the Deye Cluster Control Box BMU. It complements the battery, working in a 120-750Vdc voltage range. Furthermore, it incorporates nominal and maximum charge/discharge currents of 100A and 125A, respectively. Equally important is its 12±2% V/4.15A DC input rating.

In conclusion, give your energy setup a necessary boost with the Deye 50KW 3PH Hybrid Solar System Combo. After all, powerful performance, enhanced management, and comfortable storage are its promise. Pursue efficiency. Choose Deye!


DEYE 50KW 3PH INVERTER: As a 3-phase hybrid inverter, it is ideally suited for delivering steady and reliable power. Consequently, it caters to diverse commercial applications and large residential projects.

DEYE BOS-G 5.12KWH HV BATTERY:  Specifically designed for the Deye 50kW Hybrid Inverter, it delivers efficient power and reliability. This battery lends a robust 5.12kWh capacity, ensuring an uninterrupted energy supply for homes or businesses.

CLUSTER CONTROL BOX BMU: For the Deye BOS-G 5.12kwh HV Lithium-Ion Battery, the Deye Cluster Control Box BMU is explicitly designed. It operates at a voltage range of 120-750Vdc. 

BATTERY 3U RACK: The Deye HV Battery 3U Rack is a storage solution designed for Deye 5.12kWh Lithium batteries and Cluster Control Box. Specifically, it can accommodate up to 12 units of 5.12kWh batteries.

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  • Solar power is the energy of the future. Solar power is clean, safe and renewable.

Solar power systems are becoming increasingly popular globally. In brief, these systems provide sustainable and cost-effective electricity. Particularly, adoption is high in South Africa. In fact, South Africa’s solar industry is flourishing. Accordingly, a rapid increase in solar panel installations is observed. Moreover, the favourable climate increases solar system’s practicability.

Installation of a solar panel consists of several important steps. Initially, the process starts with site evaluation. And then, a design corresponding to this assessment is created. Suitable solar panels are selected based on this design. Importantly, these panels capture sunlight efficiently. After, installation is done by skilled professionals.

Installation of solar panel in South Africa increases each day. Thus, many homes and businesses are harnessing solar power. Besides, government policies support sustainable energy sources. And so, solar panel installation promotes energy independence. Furthermore, reliance on the national grid decreases significantly. Meanwhile, households save electricity costs tremendously.

Solar power systems are also eco-friendly. Equally important, they reduce carbon footprints, contributing to a cleaner environment. On the other hand, solar panels installation increases green jobs. Nevertheless, solar system South Africa offers financial benefits. Indeed, installation costs are recouped through electricity savings. Hence, solar is seen as a lucrative investment. However, some factors influence the durability of solar power systems. For example, dust accumulation can decrease panel efficiency. Therefore, regular maintenance is essential.

Certainly, the possibilities of solar power South Africa seem infinite. After all, an abundance of sunlight and technological advancements make solar energy optimal. Consequently, solar power solutions are here to stay. Yet, quality solar installation should not be overlooked. In fact, it ensures optimal solar system performance. Therefore, a reputable installation company should be chosen.

In conclusion, solar panels South Africa provide numerous benefits. In addition, they have the potential to revolutionize the energy sector. Finally, sustainable energy sources like solar are key for future generations. Afterward, South Africa will continue leading in solar power systems. Simultaneously, awareness of solar energy’s advantages will increase. Consequently, more people will opt for solar power.

In spite of the initial installation cost, solar power systems’ benefits outweigh the expenses. As a result, more South African homes will adopt solar power. Therefore, the future of solar energy in South Africa looks promising.