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Deye 5KW Hybrid Inverter

R17,950.00 incl VAT

Deye 5kw Hybrid Inverter – NRS approved 5Kw Deye Hybrid Inverter charger, compatible with Lithium-Ion batteries. Ideal for hybrid, off-grid backup applications in South Africa.

Deye 5kw hybrid inverter datasheet

Deye Compatible Lithium Batteries

Deye 5kw hybrid inverter is the ideal entry point for those looking to switch to PV solar power, be a boon for off-grid users, and can be used in combination with a generator or battery storage system. 5kw Deye hybrid inverter offers an innovative solution for the photovoltaic power market. It combines high efficiency, high output ac inverter with lithium batteries. Deye 5KW Hybrid Inverter makes it a must-have for any on-grid solar or backup power system. This easy-to-use inverter features an LCD screen that highlights the status of your battery and shows you the amount of energy currently being produced and is built to last with corrosion protection that ensures a long lifespan. You get the original Deye branded version, a Sunsynk branded version. The 5kW Deye Inverter is designed to match most small, domestic solar panels. It is fitted with a sophisticated MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charging system that ensures that the maximum possible current is extracted from your solar array during daylight hours when electricity is at its cheapest. The 5kW Deye Inverter is also fully compatible with Lithium-Ion batteries and can be paralleled for maximum capacity support through reserve port(s).

The Deye 5kw hybrid inverter is designed for homes using solar and wind power. The inverter can also be used with a generator. The Deye 5kW Hybrid Inverter is an indispensable part of a solar power system, and it allows you to off-grid safely, even during peak power use periods. The inverter can be wired directly to solar panels or lithium batteries and can be paralleled with up to fifteen inverters to create a 75kW hybrid system. The Deye 5kw Hybrid Inverter is a solar power inverter that you control. Using innovative technology and an impressive energy storage system, allows you to use more of the power you generate from your solar panels at any given time. This results in greater efficiency, more savings, and more free energy to use as you like. The Deye 5kw Hybrid Inverter has a unique, intelligent design that maximizes energy harvest by combining high-efficiency pure sine wave inverters with MPPT tracking technology, battery charge controllers, and solar optimized battery banks. This results in greater efficiency, more savings, and more free energy to use as you like.

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Battery Input Data
Battery Type: Lead-acid or Li-lon
Voltage Range (V): 40-60V
Max. Charging Current (A): 120A
Max. Discharging Current (A): 120A
Charging curve: 3 Stages/Equalization
External Temperature Sensor: Optional
Charging Strategy for Lithium Battery: Self-adaption to BMS

PV String Input Data
Max. DC Input Power (W). 6500W
PV input Voltage (V). 370V (100V-500V)
MPPT Range (V). 125-425V
Full Load DC Voltage Range. 240V-425V
Start-up Voltage (V) 150V
PV Input Current (A). 11A + 11A
No. of MPPT Trackers. 2
No. of Strings Per MPPT Tracker. 1+1

AC Output Data
Rated AC Output and UPS Power (W): 5000W.
Max AC Output Power (W): 5500W.
Peak Power (off-grid): 2 times of rated power, 10 S.
AC Output Rated Current (A): 21.7A.
Max.AC Current (A): 25A.
Max Continuous AC Pass-through (A): 35A.
Power factor: 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging.
Output Frequency and Voltage: 50/60Hz; 220/230/240Vac (split phase).

General Data
Cooling: Fan.
Noise (dB): <30
Communication with BMS: RS485; CAN

Warranty: 5 years