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Deye 5KW Hybrid Inverter

R20,000.00 incl VAT

Deye 5kw Hybrid Inverter – NRS-approved 5kw Deye hybrid inverter charger, compatible with most Lithium-Ion batteries.
Manufacturer: Deye.
Warranty: 5 years.

Deye 5kW hybrid inverter is a power inverter for home use, designed to convert DC energy to AC power. 5kw Deye Hybrid inverter, a 5kW inverter pure sine wave from Deye, Ningbo Deye in China. 5kw Deye Hybrid inverter range is ideal for homes with solar PV or battery storage systems or dual photovoltaic systems.

If you are planning on installing a solar power system and would like to save some money, then you should look into getting a Deye hybrid inverter. This is one of the best inverters for sale in South Africa. Deye 5kW hybrid inverter is an excellent choice if you want to save money while getting the most out of your solar panels. It can be used as inverter UPS, which means that it can store energy when there is no sunlight and provide it when needed.

The Deye 5kW hybrid inverter can also be used as inverter UPS or an inverter battery. We offer high-quality Deye inverters for sale in South Africa to suit every need. 



  • Battery Type: Lead-acid or Lithium-Ion.
  • Voltage Range (V): 40-60V.
  • Max. Charging Current (A): 120A.
  • Max. Discharging Current (A): 120A.


  • Max. DC Input Power: 6500W.
  • PV Input Voltage: 370V (100V-500V).
  • MPPT Range: 125-425V.
  • Full Load DC Voltage Range: 240V-425V.
  • Start-up Voltage: 150V.
  • PV Input Current: 11A + 11A.
  • No. of MPPT Trackers: 2.
  • No. of Strings Per MPPT Tracker: 1+1.
Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 88 × 60 × 37 cm

Deye Hybrid Inverters – Ningbo Deye Inverter Technology Co., Ltd. 

Deye Hybrid Inverter

Are you looking for a Deye distributor South Africa? Then you are in the right place.

Deye Hybrid Solar Inverters adopt the most advanced technology to provide dependable power for South African applications. Is Sunsynk and Deye the same company? YES, in South Africa you get the original Deye version, a Sunsynk branded version, an OHM branded version, INGE branded version. Deye Inverter is an NRS approved solar inverter, ideal for single-phase and three-phase solar energy storage systems. This inverter prevents blackouts, by switching the supply of electricity to the systems that demand it most. In case of the disconnection of the surplus power, Deye Inverter will switch back to the grid supply. Deye Inverter is an NRS approved solar inverter, ideal for single-phase and three-phase solar energy storage systems. This inverter prevents blackouts, by switching the supply of electricity to the systems that demand it most. In case of the disconnection of the surplus power, Deye Inverter will switch back to the grid supply.

We can help. At Deye Inverter, we’ve got the affordable and dependable solar inverters you need to drastically reduce your energy costs and keep your home or business running smoothly. Our products are NRS approved, come with a 5-year warranty, and use only the best materials to ensure your inverter will last for years to come.

It’s time to say hello to the Deye inverter that will help you save money on your energy bills. And guess what? It’s in stock right now in Midrand, Gauteng and in Boquinar Industrial Area, Cape Town.

So what are you waiting for? Invest in a Deye solar inverter today, contact us!

Question: Which country manufactures the Deye Hybrid Inverter?
Answer: The company behind Deye inverters is Deye Inverter Technology Co., Ltd. (DTC) in China, which specializes in designing, manufacturing and marketing solar charge controllers, solar inverters and wind turbines since 2007. The company was founded in 2007 with registered capital 300 million RMB and is one of the China’s high-tech enterprises. With a plant area over 15,000㎡ and complete production and testing equipment, it has become a major player in the global solar inverter market.

Question: What is the quality of Deye inverters?
Answer: Deye inverters are among the best inverters on the market in South Africa. With excellent technical specifications, beautiful design, and a reputation for delivering power. Deye has one of the best ranges of hybrid inverters for your home. Deye inverters are made with quality parts and are a pleasure to install.

Question: What is the difference between Deye and Sunsynk?
Answer: Deye Inverter Technology, which is based in China, manufactures the SunSynk series of inverters.

Question: Is the Deye inverters approved by NRS in South Africa?
Answer: The Deye Inverter is an NRS-approved solar inverter, ideal for three-phase and single-phase solar energy storage systems. Deye Hybrid Inverters has received the City of Cape Town’s NRS Certificate of Approval. The NRS certificate is widely recognized across Southern Africa as accreditation that proves the Deye inverters are reliable, and legal for use by both homeowners and businesses.

Question: Is a Deye inverter covered by a warranty?
Answer: Absolutely! Deye inverters are covered by a five-year warranty. That means you can rest assured knowing your purchase is protected from defects in workmanship or design. If anything goes wrong, Deye will take care of it. No charge. Just send it back to us with proof of purchase.

Question: Is it possible to set up the Deye Inverter to work in three-phase?
Answer: Yes, a Deye Inverter is designed to be configured in three-phase to generate AC power.

Question: Can you remotely upgrade the firmware on the Deye inverter?
Answer: Yes, you can remotely upgrade the firmware on your Deye inverter. You will need to be connected to a Wi-Fi, or enable the Wi-Fi on your Deye inverter. Simply send us the Wi-Fi serial number and we will update your inverter.

Question: I connected a generator to a Deye Hybrid solar system, but the inverter does not seem to accept it?
1. Grid And Gen Both can’t work at the same time.
2. Gen Dry contact should connect to 3.6/5kw to GV/5&6 and 8Kw to GS/7&8.
3. Gen Signal and Gen Charge should Be Clicked.
4.Gen Load ON Batt should be more than Battery % or Voltage.
5. If using Time of use – SOC should be more than Gen ON (At this SOC, Gen will stop..
6. If not using Time of use – Default is set to 95%, Gen will be Off when the battery reaches 95%.

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