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Dyness 3.6kWh Brackets (Pair)

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Dyness 3.6kWh Brackets (Pair) A set of battery brackets that allow Dyness batteries to be vertically stacked.
3.6kWh Battery bracket for use with Dyness 3Kwh Batteries.

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  • The Dyness 3.6kWh battery bracket is the ideal solution for the storage of a 3.6kWh battery pack.
  • These sturdy 3.6kWh Battery brackets should be used with Dyness 3.6kWh Solar Panel Kits only.
  • Dyness 3.6kWh brackets fit battery power modules, making the installation process easier than ever.

Dyness 3.6kWh battery brackets are a separate purchase and are designed for use exclusively with Dyness 3kWh batteries. The Dyness 3.6kWh battery pack mounting system uses a Slide-Rail system to quickly and easily allow battery packs to be slid out for inspection, replacement, or service.

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Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions 48 × 36 × 14 cm