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Dyness Battery Cable Pack

R360.00 incl VAT

Dyness Battery Cable Pack – This Dyness Battery Cable pack is for use with Dyness Li-ion batteries, and is designed to connect the battery to the inverter unit.

Dyness Battery Cable Pack Set is a set of Red and Black cables for Dyness batteries. These cables are used for connecting to the inverter. The battery cable pack is an accessory for the Dyness range of rechargeable batteries. Each unit is a simple accessory setup consisting of a 5-pin XLR-F end battery connector and five coaxial cables. You only need one pack per system as it contains the cables to connect. You need one pack per system. The Dyness Battery Cable Pack includes two cables connecting to each other, and an original charger unit (one pack per battery unit). To charge a single battery system use two of these cables, or simply connect both ends of one of the cables to the fuse disconnector and the other end to the inverter. Dyness Battery Cable Pack Package includes 2 X charging lead cables -one positive and one negative.

Color: Red and Black.
Length: 2060mm.
Hole Dia: 8mm.