Esener 2.56kWh 25.6V Lithium Battery

R15,000.00 incl VAT

The Esener 2.56 kWh 25.6V lithium battery is ideal for your home or businesses. It has a long lifespan of up to 10 years, is environmentally friendly and high performance. The Esener Battery is ideal for residential off-grid and hybrid storage.

Esener 2.56kWh 25.6V Lithium Battery, a 24v lithium battery for sale that’s built to last. This is the most powerful 24v lithium battery on the market, well look no further than this Esener 24v lithium-ion battery.
The Esener Battery is ideal for residential off-grid and hybrid storage.

Esener Battery Description.
  • Power and reliability.
  • Excellent high-temperature performance.
  • High Cycle Life and Service Life.
  • 1C High-Performance Lithium Battery.
  • High Energy Density and Conversion Efficiency.
  • Support in Parallel and Series connection (Max 2S2P).
  • Low self-discharge.
  • Easy wall mount or shelf rack installation.
  • Heavy-duty side handles for easy handling and mounting to the wall
  • Built-in protection for over-charge, over-discharge & over-temperature
Specifications of the Esener 2.56kWh Lithium Battery
  • Model: ES-25.6V 100Ah.
  • Rated Capacity (5HR): 100Ah.
  • Voltage: 25.6V.
  • Discharge Cutoff Voltage: 20.0V.
  • Equalised Charge Voltage: 29.2V.
  • Charging Current: 100A.
  • Discharging Current: 100A.
  • C. Rating: 1.0C.
  • Parallel/Series: Parallel and series connection up to “2S2P”.
  • Ports: 1x Positive Socket, 1x Negative Socket, 1x Power switch.
  • Cells: New Li-Ion Prismatic Cells.
  • Design Life: -/+ 10 Years.
  • Cycle Life @ 1C: +/-2200 Cycles @ 100% DOD, Above 4000 cycles @ 80% DOD.
  • Protection: Electronic Circuit Breaker, BMS Voltage Protection, Current Limiting.
Weight 26 kg
Dimensions 48.4 × 42 × 13.3 cm

Brand: Esener

  • Esener Lithium-Ion Battery is a reliable, cost-effective power solution. Designed for residences and small businesses, this rechargeable solar battery is ideal for locations prone to power outages. Developed by Esener, a company committed to affordable and eco-friendly energy solutions, the battery stands apart from lead-acid counterparts.
  • It’s perfect for homes as a backup power source, easily included in any emergency plan. Constructed with high-quality lithium phosphate, this battery offers dependable service and cost savings, thus outperforming marketed alternatives.
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Esener 2.56kWh 25.6V Lithium-ion Battery
  • Finally, the Esener 2.56kWh 25.6V Lithium Battery arrives, designed for smaller power requirements. Although petite, it ensures efficient energy storage and delivery. Consequently, it’s a freestanding example of capacity and design, fused to perfection.