Solar Panel Energy

Flexible solar panel 100W

R3,500.00 incl VAT

100W Mono Portable Flexible Outdoor Solar Panel

Product Application
Our panel is mainly designed for charging 12V lead-acid batteries, including 12V lithium and other equipment.
It utilizes the powerful Monocrystalline solar cell with a high-efficiency conversion rate to maximize the usage of available sunlight and an MC4 connector makes sure safety during charging. The foldable solar panel is designed for travelers, being made of robust and durable material, with high durability and portability, compared with other solar chargers, in addition to the MC4 connector, it also comes with a USB and DC port, you can use it to charge your mobile device.

Solar cell: Monocrystalline.
Optimal Power (Pmax): 100 Watt.
Open-Circuit Voltage: 21V.
Operation Voltage (Vmp): 18V.
Optimum Operation Current (Imp): 5.55A.
Short-Circuit Current (Isc): 5.8A.
Efficiency: 19%-22%.
USB Output: 5V/2.1A.
DC5521 Output: 18.5V/2.7A(max).
Folded Size: 389*56*50mm.
Opened Size: 1710*56*5mm.
Color: Blue-black.
Weight: 4.5kg.
MC4 Cable: 55 inches.