Green Deer 10.24kwh Lithium Ion Battery

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Level Up Your Power Storage with the Green Deer 10.24kWh Lithium Battery. Maximize Your Power: Choosing the Right Lithium-Ion Battery for Your Inverter.
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  • Capacity: 10.24kWh
  • Nominal Voltage: 51.2V
  • Cell Type: LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
  • Cycle Life: ≥6000 Cycles (80% DOD)
  • Standard Charge Voltage: 58.4V
  • Max Charge Current: 150A
  • Discharge Cut-Off Voltage: 40V
  • Max Discharge Current: 150A

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The Green Deer 10.24kWh Lithium-Ion Battery stores an impressive 10.24kWh. Besides, it harnesses solar energy effectively. After a sunny day, it holds a considerable power reserve. Green Deer 10.24kWh Lithium Ion Battery is a wall-mounted battery that is designed for home energy storage. It has a capacity of 10.24kWh and a nominal voltage of 51.2V. This battery is a great way to store solar energy so that you can use it when you need it most. With a 1C rating, it quickly charges and provides power when needed. With the Green Deer 10.24kWh Lithium Ion Battery, you can become energy-independent and reduce your reliance on the grid.

Key features of the Green Deer 10.24kWh Lithium Ion Battery:

  • Product Model: Green Deer 10.24Kwh.
  • Energy: 10.24Kwh.
  • Voltage: 51.2V.
  • Capacity: 200Ah.
  • Cell Type: LFP.
  • Standard Charge Voltage: 58.4V.
  • Max Charge Current: 150A.
  • Discharge Cut-Off Voltage: 40V.
  • Max Discharge Current: 150A.
  • Parallel Function: Support 15 Units in Parallel.
  • Communication Interface: RS485、RS232、CAN (Optional.
  • Cycle Life *: ≥6000 Cycles (80% DOD).
  • Calendar Life: 15+ Years @25ºC 80% DOD.
  • Dimensions: 480*650*225mm.
  • Weight: 93 kg.
  • Installation method: Wall mounted.
  • Warranty: 10-Year.

This battery is compatible with a variety of inverter brands, including Deye, Sunsynk, Luxpower, Victron, Voltronic, Growatt, and SMA. If you are looking for a Lithium Ion Battery for home energy storage, the Green Deer 10.24kWh Lithium Ion Battery is a great option. It has a large capacity, long lifespan, and is compatible with a variety of inverters.

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Additional information

Weight 93 kg
Dimensions 48 × 65 × 22.5 cm


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