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Haitai 455W Half-cut Mono Perc Panel

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Haitai 455W Half-cut Mono Perc Panel (HTM440~460MH3-72) is a Taiji series of monofacial high-efficiency PV modules manufactured by Haitai Solar.

Brand: Haitai Solar
Model: HTM440~460MH3-72.
Rating: 455W.
Tier 1.
Efficiency: 20.93%.

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Haitai 455W Half-cut Mono Perc Panel series is a high efficiency, reliable and low-risk product line. This Haitai 455W module series uses the latest PERC technology which reduces surface temperature and increases system output. The lower working temperature can ensure increased performance and improve product reliability. The 455w Haitai Half-Cut cell design reduces the risk of shading and allows for more power modules to be installed in series. This module series also has a lower degradation rate – meaning it will keep producing more power over its lifespan.

  • The “Taiji” series of mono facial high-efficiency PV modules manufactured by Haitai Solar incorporates.
  • High efficiency – The multi-busbar half-cut technology can boost energy density to deliver higher output.
  • Low degradation – First-year degradation is less than 2.0%, with linear degradation of 0.55% per year for 25 years.
  • Highly reliable – Certified in TUV salt spray, ammonia corrosion, 2400Pa wind load and 5400Pa snow load testing. Highly reliable.
  • Low hot-spot risk – The next-generation cell technology and optimized circuit design adopted can support improved temperature coefficient and better hotspot resistance.
  • High yield – Effectively reducing BOS costs to achieve lower LCOE and enhanced project profitability.
  • Low micro-crack risk – The multi-busbar technology contributes to more effective prevention of Micro crack and broken busbars.

pdfL1 Datasheet_Haitai 455W Solar Panel

Electrical Data (STC).

  • Maximum Power (Pmax): 455W
  • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc/V): 49.68V
  • Short Circuit Current (Isc/A): 11.59
  • Voltage at Maximum Power (Vmp/V): 41.14V
  • Current at Maximum Power (Imp/A): 11.07A
  • Module Efficiency: 20.93%.
  • Operating Temperature: -40° C~+85° C.
  • Maximum System Voltage: 1000/1500V.

Electrical Data (NMOT).

  • Maximum Power (Pmax/W): 340W.
  • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 45.61V.
  • Short Circuit Current (Isc): 9.67A.
  • Voltage at Maximum Power (Vmp): 37.94V.
  • Current at Maximum Power (Imp): 8.97A.

Mechanical Data.

  • Cell Type: 166×83mm Mono.
  • Cell Orientation: 144(6×24).
  • Module Dimensions 2094×1038×35mm.
  • Weight: 24.0kg.
  • Glass: 3.2mm high transmittance, reinforced glass.
  • Backsheet: Anti-aging film.
  • Frame Material: Anodized aluminium alloy.
  • Junction Box: Protection class IP68.
  • Cable: 4.0 mm2 positive pole: 250 mm negative pole: 300 mm wire length can be customized.
  • Connector MC4: compatible connector.

Linear Performance Warranty

  • 12-year product warranty.
  • 25-year linear power warranty.
Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 209.4 × 103.8 × 3.5 cm

Brand: Haitai Solar

Haitai Solar

Haitai Solar is a solar T1 high-tech enterprise focused on green energy with five Business Divisions: Photovoltaic Modules, Utility-Scale Power Plant, Photovoltaic Brackets, Energy Storage, and Hydrogen Energy. Haitai Solar is ranked as Top 10 PV companies in China in terms of production capacity and shipments. As an intelligent new energy provider, Haitai Solar will continue to promote new energy development with quality and technology development to lead the green energy revolution.

Haitai Solar is a solar module and PV system provider. Our products are distributed in South Africa, Haitai has been fully immersed in the solar PV industry since 2001 and has been a leading supplier of Tier 1 solar cells, modules and systems for residential, commercial and utility-scale projects applications. Haitai solar teams are engineering, manufacturing and assembling quality products to help customers save money on their electricity consumption through solar renewable energy sources. Haitai solar quality control system is strictly tested by TUV, sGS, BISQ etc. Haitai Solar solutions will be customized according to customers’ requests and change their life while saving resources on earth.

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