Jinko 550W Solar Panel – Bulk Buy 31pcs

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Invest in 550W Jinko solar panels in bulk and enjoy immense savings. Experience exceptional energy efficiency, lower bills, and contribute to a greener planet today!

  • 31pcs in a Pallet.
  • Brand: Jinko Solar.
  • Model: JKM545M-72HL4-V.
  • Panel Rating: 550W.
  • Tier 1 Solar Panel..

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Maximize your power potential with our bulk buy deal on the Jinko 550W Solar Panel – 31 pieces. Enhance your green energy setup and pocket the savings today! The Jinko 550W Solar Panel, a sustainable energy masterpiece. Boasting a remarkable 550 watts of power generation capacity, this top-tier solar panel is brought to you by Jinko, a leader in global solar technology.

    • Crafted for efficiency and durability, this solar panel guarantees maximum value for your investment, making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial uses. Moreover, the Jinko 550W’s reliability is exceptional, as it can endure diverse weather conditions, assuring uninterrupted power generation all year round.
    • By installing the Jinko 550W Solar Panel, you are taking a bold step towards energy autonomy. This cost-effective solution significantly reduces energy bills, while simultaneously promoting environmentally responsible practices and reducing your carbon footprint.
    • Don’t hesitate to elevate your energy infrastructure with a high-efficiency Jinko solar panel. Seize the opportunity to enjoy the perks of dependable, eco-friendly power generation, and participate in the worldwide movement towards clean energy.

550 Watt Jinko Solar Panel Specificationpdf logo for downloadDataSheet – download
General Data.

      • Model No: JKM550M-72HL4-V
      • Cell: Half Cell, Mono Crystalline
      • No. of Cells: 144(6×24)
      • Junction Box: IP68
      • Connector: MC4

Electrical Parameters.

      • Rated Power(Pmax): 550W.
      • Power Voltage(Vmp): 40.90VDC.
      • Power Current(Imp): 13.45A.
      • Open Circuit Voltage(Voc): 49.62VDC.
      • Short Circuit Current(Isc): 14.03A.
      • Module Efficiency: 21.29%.

Jinko 550W Warranty.

      • 12-Year Product Warranty.
      • 25-Year Linear Power Warranty.

Opt for the Jinko 550W Solar Panel and embrace a brighter, greener future. If you are interested in learning more about the Jinko 550W Solar Panel, or if you would like to get a quote for a solar installation, please contact a qualified solar installer.