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Kool Energy 1kW 12V

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Kool Energy 1kW 12V-Load Shedding Kit – Thanks to this innovative home energy system, load shedding has never been so easy or affordable. The solar-ready 1Kw Kool Energy is a 12Volt and 100Ah Portable solar system.

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Kool Energy 1kW 12V – Mobile Load Shedding Kit is used to manage home energy consumption in areas where load shedding occurs. Kool Energy 1kW 12V inverter UPS is perfect for home, office, and small business use. This is a plug-and-play appliance that converts your existing power to run your sensitive electronics such as computers, laptops, and gaming consoles. The Kool Energy 1kW inverter and Kool energy UPS include an LCD display with a keypad that has buttons to control the power on/off functionality as well as an electronic auto-restart after a blackout.


Saving energy not only helps individuals to save money but also helps to reduce the strain on our national power grid leading to a more reliable and sustainable power supply for all. With excess demand often resulting in outages, this product ensures the homeowner never loses power and that the electricity supply is uninterrupted. This unit can be used on its own or with a backup generator for added support during periods of peak demand.

Once connected to the power source, you can be sure to safely run these devices for hours on battery reserve when the power goes out, giving your family and business time to safely shut down before. Kool Energy 1kW 12V inverters and UPS is specially designed for homes, offices, and commercial establishments. Kool Energy inverter Technology. The 1KwKool Energy mobile unit is easily transported anywhere you need it. The plug-and-play capability makes it the ideal companion for load shedding, and it will run your critical loads. The Kool 1kW – Mobile Load Shedding Kit Unit is ideal for managing peak electricity demand by automatically shedding standby loads. The solar-ready 1Kw Kool Energy is a 12Volt and 100Ah Portable solar system.


  • Informal settlements.
  • Portable charging station.
  • Small 12V appliances.
  • Camping.

Product Features.

  • Excellent performance thanks to intelligent Double CPU power technology.
  • A wide range of loads is available due to the pure sine wave AC output.
  • The power mode / energy-saving mode/battery mode can be set to be versatile.
  • Practical, comfortable 5VDC-USB output port and 12VDC output port.
  • Digital LCD and LEDs for visualizing the equipment’s operating status.
  • Overcharge protection and over-discharge protection for longer battery life.
  • Safe and reliable with intelligent exhaust fan control.


  • Rated power(W): 1000W.
  • Input voltage range: (VAC)160-275VAC.
  • Input frequency Hz): 45Hz-65Hz.
  • Voltage(VAC): 110VAC/220VAC.
  • Output frequency(Hz): 50Hz/60Hz.
  • Output Wave: Pure Sine Wave.
  • Specification of built-in battery: 1*100AH/12V.
  • Communication: RS232.

Solar input.

  • Max. PV voltage(VDC): ≤25.
  • Range of charging voltage(VDC): 10-25.
  • Controller rated charge current(A) PWM: 30A.
  • Voltage for overcharge protection(VDC): 14.2V.
  • Voltage for overcharge recovery(VDC): 14.0V.
  • Pv Solar input power range: 160W/180W two pcs in parallel.
Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 52 × 37 × 52 cm
  • Experience the power of solar power with our solar systems.
  • We deliver the best solar systems with no fuss, at the most competitive solar system prices.
  • Solar power is the energy of the future. Solar power is clean, safe and renewable.

Kool Energy

Kool Energy Inverter South Africa – you number one inverter in South Africa. We stock te following Kool Energy inverters, Kool Energy 5.5kw Off-Grid Inverter, Kool Energy Inverter 2.2kw 24V Off-Grid, Kool Energy 2.2kw 24V Off-Grid Inverter, Kool Energy 1kW 24V and the Kool Energy 1kW-24V-Load Shedding Kit. The next generation of solar inverters is here with the Kool Energy 2.2kw 24V Off-Grid Inverter! Kool Energy is a leader in the ups and solar inverter industry. Our inverters have a compact design and are easy to use, They are a perfect choice for the DIY guy who wants to do his own installation. The Kool Energy is an Ups Inverter with a low battery shutdown option. This product provides a continuous power supply in case of load shedding. It stores electricity in batteries from a grid thus making sure that you have power when the Eskom power goes off. Kool Energy is South Africa’s favorite and first truly integrated power solution. Kool Energy’s UPS inverters are affordable, easy to install, uninterrupted power supply systems that can be deployed at any time. They can be used in conjunction with the best energy-saving devices such as TVs, led lights, internet modems, and cell phone charging. Kool Energy UPS Inverter is also safe for use in the reduction mode during load shedding situations.

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