Solar Panel Energy

Kool Energy 1kW 24V

R11,450.00 incl VAT

2 x built-in 100ah Oliter batteries.
The Kool Energy 1kW 24V shedding system comprises a 1kW inverter and two 100ah Oliter batteries, housed in a single compact unit.

Kool Energy 1kW PDF Datasheet

Kool 1kW 24V Load Shedding Kit is a plug-and-play, portable inverter, designed for use with Load Shedding. Kool Energy 1000w offers clean, quiet power so you can run sensitive electronics, tools, or appliances anywhere. It also stores easily in your garage when not in use.

Kool Energy 1kW 24V with 2 x 100ah Oliter batteries.
Kool Energy 1KW 24V-Load Shedding Kit with two built-in 100ah Oliter batteries for extra power during load shedding.

No installation required.
Plug and Play 1000W Backup Power Inverter Charger.
A must-have for load shedding.
Charge by a mains supply.

Our Kool Energy 1kW 24V UPS unit is easy to use. Simply turn it on and it powers your appliances or lets you charge your battery with a solar panel. It runs everything from lights and appliances to televisions, and can even be used for power tools that draw up to 1000 Watts on 230V. The Kool Energy 1kW 24V unit can be used to power your home appliances when you do not have access to the electricity grid. The unit comes with two plug points, it’s very easy to assemble and use, and is capable of powering small appliances such as fans, refrigerators, stoves, lights, and more. It can also be connected to an AC outlet using the included cable to recharge its batteries.

Battery Voltage: 24v.
Rated Power: 1000w.
Output: Pure Sine Wave.
Charge Current: 10A.

Solar input.
Charge voltage (VDC): 35V-150V.
Rated charge current (A): MPPT 30A.
Maximum power (Wp): 800Wp.

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