Kool Energy 1Kw 50Ah Lithium Trolley Inverter

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Kool Energy’s 1Kw 50Ah Trolley Inverter provides reliable, portable backup power during emergencies.

Model: KL-1000W.
Battery Voltage: 25.6V.

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Kool Energy 1Kw 50Ah, Lithium Trolley Inverter. Power your essentials during outages with Kool Energy’s 1Kw 50Ah Trolley Inverter.

This Kool Energy 1.5Kw inverter with trolley is small and lightweight. The Kool Energy Mobile Inverter Trolley 1kW/50Ah Lithium Battery is a versatile, load-shedding solution.

It has a lithium battery and a 50Ah capacity which will provide up to 1280Wh backup power. It has a 2000 cycles lifePO4 battery and has a 5 years service life. The mains input automatically turns on and activates the lifePO4 battery, so you can use it right away. The inverter with trolley is a portable power source that can be used in a variety of situations. The inverter with trolley is designed to provide power to any device connected to it.

The Kool Energy Storage System is an all-in-one solution, which integrates an inverter and a LifePO4 battery into one unit. With this product, homeowners can seamlessly store excess solar power systems south africa their homes both day and night.

Model: KL-1000W.
Battery Voltage: 25.6V.

Kool Energy Trolley Inverter

Portable trolley inverter by Kool Energy



  • Rated Power: 1000W.
  • Output Wave: Pure Sine Wave.


  • Mains charging current: 10A.
  • Input Voltage Range: 145-275V.
  • Input Frequency: 45-65Hz.


  • Dept of discharge (DOD): 80% .
  • Cycles: 2000 .
  • Discharge current: 50A.
  • Capacity: 25.6V-50AH (1280WH).


  • Controller: 30A MPPT.
  • Max. PV Power: 820W.
  • Charging Voltage: 35-100VDC.
  • Voltage for Floating Charge: 28.4VDC


  • Low Voltage Recovery Voltage: 26.8VDC
  • Low Voltage Protection Voltage: 22.4VDC.
  • SVDC USB Output: Max 2.4A, USB2.0 x 2.
  • 12VDC Output: Max x 2.


  • External Size:W*D*H(mm): 453*189*396mm.
  • Package Size:W*D*H(mm) : 517*287*477mm.
  • Net Weight: 26kg.
  • Gross Weight: 28kg.
Weight 26 kg
Dimensions 45.3 × 18.9 × 39.6 cm