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Luxpower 5Kw Hybrid Inverter LXP5K

R18,800.00 incl VAT

The LXP5K Luxpower 5Kw Hybrid Inverter incorporates features that can benefit both on-grid and off-grid applications.
Approved NRS inverter.
With a 5 year warranty.

Luxpower 5Kw Hybrid Inverter LXP5K, a newly designed solar and energy storage hybrid inverter, capable to install on-grid solar, off-grid solar and backup systems. LXP5K Luxpower Hybrid enables a programmable and schedulable smart solar energy storage system to help increase your solar energy self-consumption rate, protect your home appliances from grid shortage, and balance your energy usage strategy to save energy bills.

When you choose the Luxpower 5Kw Hybrid Inverter LXP5K, you’re choosing to go with a brand that stands by innovation and tradition. This five-kilowatt hybrid inverter generator is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors and is equipped with an advanced parallel control system that can synchronize with other generators to produce a combined power of up to 60kW. This means that if multiple Luxpower generators operate together, excess energy can be stored in batteries or used to power your home.

Luxpower Hybrid Inverter 5kw Datasheet

The Luxpower Hybrid Inverter has the ability to support both on-grid and off-grid operation, with its built-in battery, it can be clearly seen as a unique photovoltaic power generation system. The LXP5KW is the most comprehensive solar inverter produced by Luxpower with maximum outputs of 50kW (DC). This unique solution is ideal for small-scale solar projects, microgrids, off-grid applications and electrical backup systems.

High battery voltage, higher efficiency.
Advanced Parallel, up to 60kW.
Support on-grid and off-grid operation.
Support Micro-grid operation, work compatible with Generator.
Integrated backup power function.
Free monitoring & remote upgrade.
Three-phase composes support.
Easy to use.
No fan design.
IP65 protection.
outdoor and indoor installation.
5 Years Warranty.

Self Consumption.
Under Self Use mode the energy generated by PV will be mainly used by local loads, and the rest will be stored in the battery, excessive power will be feedback into the grid. This is the default mode that will increase the self-consumption rate and reduce the energy bill significantly.
Force Time Use.
These mode suits situations where the price difference of energy is big. Users can set the charging and discharging time and priority of energy use under Force Time Use mode. The user can also choose whether to charge the battery using grid power if the regulations permit
Off-grid Working Mode.
If enabled UPS function, once the grid is protected accidentally, the UPS mode will be automatically and seamlessly activated to ensure your important loads keep working without any blackout. Due to the specially designed function, it can support the system to work as a backup power system or off-grid system. Off-grid working mode can also work when there is only PV.


Paralleling Extensions.
Paralleling LXP inverters in one phase to extend the single-phase system capacity for either hybrid or AC coupled energy storage applications. Paralleling LXP inverters (single-phase inverters) to build a three-phase system for either hybrid or AC coupled energy storage applications. The smart paralleling algorithm enables multiple configurable working modes under on-grid, off-grid or micro-grid applications.

You can’t go wrong with Luxpower. The 5Kw Hybrid Inverter LXP5K will meet your demands and keep you satisfied well into the future.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 45.5 × 56.5 × 18.1 cm

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