Manual Changeover Switch 2P 63A

R400.00 incl VAT

A manual changeover switch, also known as a transfer switch, is an electrical device that allows you to switch between two power sources.

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Manual Changeover Switch 2P 63A. It’s a powerhouse. It handles power management effortlessly. It offers consistency in your supply. Afterwards, you enjoy uninterrupted power and secured equipment.

  • Compact in design, it’s a real space saver. It boasts a high breaking capacity. As a result, it increases safety and reliability. In contrast to similar switches, it’s user-friendly.
  • Furthermore, installation is intuitive and quick. Efficient in isolating your equipment from power, it ranks high. It is especially necessary for maintenance purposes. Concurrently, it enables source inversion smoothly.
  • To illustrate, imagine a sudden blackout. The panic it induces! Our switch comes to the rescue. It detects power loss swiftly. Immediately, you switch to secondary power. Indeed, it shields you from unexpected downtime.
  • It’s not just an emergency master. It wisely extends its lifecycle too. Therefore, it cuts down future replacement costs. Built from top-quality materials, it’s built to last. It can weather harsh usage and conditions. Its durability is commendable.
  • Finally, this switch is not just a tool. It’s an efficient power manager for your space. After all, reliability is our promise. Choose our Manual Changeover Switch 2P 63A. Stay ahead and secure from power disruptions.”


  • Voltage: 240V.
  • Current: 63A.
  • Frequency: 50Hz.
  • Number of Poles: 2.
  • Electrical Life: 1500 Cycle.
  • Mechanical Life: 8500 Cycles.
  • Protection degree: IP20.
  • Terminal/Cable size: 16mm²
  • Mounting: DIN rail EN60715 (35mm) – Clip Device.