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MC4 Solar Connector Pair

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1 Set MC4  = 1 X Male + 1 X Female.
Compatible with  2.5mm – 6mm PV cable. The MC4 Solar Connector is used to connect the solar cable that is exposed to the weather.

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The MC4 Solar Connector is used to lock the male and female MC4 Solar Panel Connector contacts when not in use. The MC4 connector contacts are kept sealed against water and dust by an internal O-ring. A simple twist of the collar locks the two conductor sections and a handlebar keeps them tight. This also helps keep dust and other particulates from getting into the connectors when not in use. The MC4 connector can be locked onto either cable or connector, but not both at the same time. Easily connect MC4 solar cable that’s exposed to the weather. Prevent water or dust from damaging connectors using this male and female MC4 Solar Panel Connector Set. It’s compatible with all existing MC4 solar panels and includes a gasket for sealing against moisture and dirt. When a solar panel is drawn by the sun, the amount of power generated depends on how much sunlight it actually receives. Overconnecting panels in series will cause extra resistance and absorb less light. Under connecting them in parallel will cause gaps in your connection, decreasing the total current flow of your PV system. The MC4 Solar Panel Connector was developed to solve such problems on commercial or residential PV systems. The design allows for a simple and secure way to join two pieces of MC-4 compatible solar cable and provides a weatherproof seal as required by most solar PV system installations. If an MC-4 Base adaptor is used then the connector can be used with an MC3 type of plug.


Advantages of using MC4 Connectors for PV systems.
Simple, quick, safe, and effective filed assembly.
Adaptive to MC4 connector directly.
High mechanical endurance.
High current and voltage carrying: 30A, 1,000DC.
Low transition resistance.
Innovative sealed, waterproof.
Dust resistance design: IP67.
Excellent plastic material.
Temperature range: -40°c to 90°c.
weather and UV resistance.
Approved by ETL and TUV.

Item: MC4 Solar Connectors for PV
Test Voltage:1000V DC.
Overvoltage Type:6000V(50Hz, 1min).
Contact Resistance Of Plug Connector: CAT III /2.
Contact Material: Copper, Tin-plated.
Insulation Material: PPO.
Degree Of Protection: IP2X/IP67.
Flame Class: UL94-VO.
Safety Class: II.
Suitable Cable: OD 4.5-8.5(2.5-6.0mm2).
Insertion Force/Withdrawal Force: ≤ 50N/ ≥ 50N.
Connecting: Crimp.
Temperature Range:-40℃ ~ +125℃.

Our solar MC4 connectors will make the connection between your PV module and Combiner box, create a reliable interconnection and at the same time provide a flat surface for gluing. For best results, do not use crimp connectors when connecting solar modules to string combiner boxes.