Mini Anderson Plug to PV Connector

R250.00 incl VAT

  • Durable construction.
  • Quick-disconnect design.

A mini Anderson plug to PV connector adapter. The mini Anderson plug is a type of connector that is commonly used in solar power systems. It is a quick-disconnect connector that is designed to be easy to connect and disconnect. The PV connector is a device connecting solar panels to inverters or other electrical equipment.

The adapter that you have sent allows you to connect a mini Anderson plug to a PV connector. Useful for connecting a solar panel to an inverter or equipment lacking a mini Anderson plug.

Here are some of the features of the mini Anderson plug-to-PV connector adapter:.

  • Converts a mini Anderson plug to a PV connector.
  • Compatible with both GENKI and Jackery Portable Power Stations.
  • Embrace the convenience offered by the Mini Anderson Plug to PV Connector.
  • Mini Anderson plug to solar panel – Ensure a secure and efficient power connection.
  • Specifically designed to simplify your Portable Power Station and solar setup experience, this crucial accessory is your pathway to seamless generation and utilization of solar power.
  • Don’t just power up, do it with ease and style with the Mini Anderson Plug extension to MC4 connection cable.
  • It comes in a 1-meter length to make it easy to reach anywhere it needs to go.

Consider the mini Anderson plug to PV connector adapter for connecting these interfaces. It is a reliable and durable adapter that can be used in a variety of applications.

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