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Oliter 12V 100Ah Gel Battery

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Oliter 100Ah Gel Battery has a design Life: 5-8 years (depending on usage)

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Oliter 12V 100AH Gel Battery is used in Solar systems, Wind energy, Telecommunication systems and Off-grid systems.

The Oliter 12V 100Ah Gel Battery will let you take control of the power. Perfect for your off-grid cabin, camper, barn, shed or workshop. If you need to be able to power a variety of items from lights to high-demand devices such as a sump pump that pump large amounts of water, then this is the battery pack for you.


Datasheet_Oliter 12V 100Ah Gel Battery

Optimized for solar applications. The Oliter 12V 100Ah Gel Battery is designed to replace flooded and sealed lead-acid batteries for use in solar and Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems.


  • Rated Voltage: 12V.
  • Capacity (10hr, 1.8V/Cell): 100Ah.
  • Weight: 28.8kg.
  • Maximum Discharge Current: 30I 10A (3min).
  • Maximum Charge Current: ≤ 0.25C 10.
  • Self-Discharge (25°C): ≤ 3% / month.
  • Recommend Using Temperature: 15°C~25°C.
  • Cover Material: ABS.
  • Dimensions: 407 x 174 x 209mm.
  • Battery Type: Gel.
  • Terminal: 8mm Screw Terminal.
Weight 31.5 kg
Dimensions 41 × 18 × 21 cm


Oliter batteries have a group of professional engineers in charge of technology, manufacturing, installing and testing. so we can guarantee that our machines will do well all the time. Oliter can offer customers full service and technical consultation upon different requests in 24 hours. Oliter Battery would like to offer its best batteries with the best solution. Oliter battery would like to build itself as the bridge and window for both overseas domestic enterprises and customers. Oliter batteries products have been exported to more than 60 countries such as Pakistan, the Uganda, Italy, Germany, Romania, Dubai, Russia, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, the U.A.E., Indonesia, Thailand, India, South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya and so on. Oliter battery believes that we can create a win-win situation for both sides.

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