Solar Panel Energy

Plastic Battery Box Portable

R1,750.00 incl VAT

Plastic Battery Box, 12V, excl Battery

1 x 60A Fuse, 1 x 12V DC Power Socket.
2 x 5V USB Charger Sockets (2 x 2.4A).
1 x 12V Digital Voltmeter,1 x 16A Circuit Breaker Switch (For Sockets).
2 x 50A Anderson Sockets, Positive & Negative Terminals.

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Portable Battery Box Suitable for:
Load shedding.
Powering essential appliances & devices.
Home use or outdoor use.
Camping fridges 12VDC.
Powering cell phones, tablets & laptops.
Can be charged by solar panel & controller.
Must be connected to a suitable inverter.