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Plastic Battery Box

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The Plastic Battery Box is the ideal solution for all of your 4×4 off-road adventures and camping trips, to protect your 100Ah Deep cycle battery.

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Portable Battery Box suits most 100Ah batteries. – Are you going off-road for the weekend? Or are you planning a quick camping trip and want to power your electronics with a 100Ah deep cycle battery? If so, the Plastic Battery Box is perfect for your needs! The Plastic Battery Box is made from high-quality plastic and effectively protects your 100Ah deep cycle battery from damage, dirt, and debris. It’s a great way to keep your battery tucked safely away during 4×4 off-road adventures or camping.

Simply place your battery inside the box (make sure it’s on a flat surface) and snap the lid closed.
All the features you need to supply power to your projects, in one compact unit. We’ve got you covered, literally. Includes two Anderson plugs, fuse holder, and 16A circuit breaker switch. Also includes a digital voltmeter and two 5V USB charger sockets.

  • 1 x 60A Fuse, 1 x 12V DC Power Socket.
  • 2 x 5V USB Charger Sockets (2 x 2.4A).
  • 1 x 12V Digital Voltmeter,1 x 16A Circuit Breaker Switch (For Sockets).
  • 2 x 50A Anderson Sockets, Positive & Negative Terminals.

Portable Battery Box Suitable for:

  • Load shedding.
  • 4×4 enthusiasts and camping.
  • Home use or outdoor use.
  • Camping fridges 12VDC.
  • Powering cell phones, tablets & laptops.
  • Can be charged by a solar panel & controller.
  • Can be connected to an inverter.
Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 45 × 26 × 34 cm

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