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Ripcord Cable 4mm2

R15.00 incl VAT

Ripcord Cable -4mm Red Ripcord Cable and Ripcord Cable Black Cable – sold per metre.

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Ripcord Cable 4mm2 is a great, high-quality 4mm cable that is perfect for audio equipment, intercom systems, or other electrical connections. Having a short name that is easy to remember makes it easy to identify, which makes it perfect for use in audio equipment where there can be many different wires in close proximity

Ripcord cables are made from high-quality materials and are available in; red and black colours, making them easy to identify in your project. Whether you are wiring up a 12V camping led lights for 4×4 enthusiasts’, audio system or intercoms these cables will get the job done right. The Ripcord Cable 4mm2 is the perfect choice for your camping led lights, audio equipment or intercom system. With a red and black colour-coded cable that is easy to identify, this durable and reliable cable will get the job done right.

This 4mm2 red & black ripcord cable is made for 4×4 enthusiasts, audio systems or intercoms. It is the best 4mm electrical cable price and ripcord cable 4mm in south Africa. Ripcord cable offers you a new level of flexibility.

  • Ripcord cable 4mm2 is a high-quality, durable cable that can be used for solar panels, caravans, 4×4,  and other camping products.
  • Ripcord for electric wire, high quality.
  • This ripcord cable 4mm has been made to the highest quality standards so that you can be sure it will last for years without fail.
  • 4mm cable price, Ripcord cables Price is by the meter.
  • Sold in 1m lengths.
  • 100-meter Ripcord cable per roll.
  • Ripcord Cable -4mm Red Ripcord Cable and Ripcord Cable Black Cable – sold per metre.