Solar Panel Energy

Sofar 6000-ES 6kVA/6kW Hybrid Inverter

R19,750.00 incl VAT

Sofar 6000-ES 6kVA/6kW Hybrid Inverter.  The 6KW Sofar hybrid inverter is used in photovoltaic systems for home and business where battery backup is also required.
The energy produced by the solar array will be optimized for maximum self-consumption

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Input DC (PV side).
Recommended Max.: 6600W.
Max DC power for single MPPT.: 3500W (300V-520V).
Max DC input voltage.: 600V.
Start-up DC voltage.: 120V.
Nominal DC Voltage.: 360V.
MPPT operating voltage range.: 90-580V.
Full load DC voltage range.: 200V-520V.
MPPT number.: 2.
The max DC input current.: 12A/12A.
The max DC input short current.: 15A/15A.

Battery Parameters.
Battery Type.: Lithium-ion, Lead-acid.
Nominal battery Voltage.: 48V.
Battery voltage range.: 42-58V.
Battery Capacity.: 50-2000AH.
Charging /Discharging Power.: 3000W.
Charging Current.: 60A (programmable).
Discharging Current.: 60A (programmable).
Charging curve (Lithium-ion).: BMS.
Charging curve (Lead-acid).: 3-stage adaptive with maintenance.

Output AC (Grid side).
Rated Power.: 6000W.
Max. Output Power.: 6000VA.
Nominal Grid Voltage.: L/N/PE, 220,230,240.
Operation phase.: Single (L-N-PE).
Max. Input/output current.: 180V~276V (According to local standard).
AC voltage Range.: 27.3A.
Grid Frequency range.: 44-55Hz/54-66Hz (According to local standard).
THD.: <3%.
Power factor: 1 default (+/-0.8 adjustable.: 1 default (+/-0.8 adjustable).

General Data.
Topology.: High-frequency isolation (for battery).
DC-Switch.: Yes.
Degree of Protection.: De IP65.
Communication.: RS485, Wi-Fi/GPRS, SD, CAN2.0.
Protective class.: Class I.
Max. Operating Altitude.: 2000m.
Noise.: <25dB.
Weight.: 20.5kg.
Cooling.: Natural.
Dimension (W*H*D).: 566mm x 394mm x 173mm.
Display.: LCD display.
Warranty.: 5 Years.