Solar Charge Controller PWM 10A 12/24V

R250.00 incl VAT

The PWM Solar Charge Controller 10A 12/24V can charge batteries with a USB port for USB charging.

PWM Solar Charge Controller 10A 12/24V. PWM solar charge controllers are used to charge batteries. PWM Solar Charge Controller 10A 12/24V is the best choice for your solar lighting system.   The product is mainly applied for PV solar lighting systems, off-grid PV home systems and other 12V DC battery charging applications.

It features DC voltage detection, current detection, low battery voltage protection, high input voltage protection, over-temperature protection and other control functions. PWM Solar Charge Controller – 10A, 12/24V. Due to its high efficiency, this controller is ideal for small solar systems. It features a USB port for optional charging of USB capable devices such as mobile phones and laptops. It also has a built-in timer and light sensor for automatic operation. This controller supports PWM charging.


Charge Type: PWM.
System Voltage: 12V/24.
Max. charge current: 10A.
Max. Input Voltage of solar panel: 55V.
Max. discharge current: 20A.
Self-consumption: S10mA.
LVD: 11.0V ADJ 9V….12V; .2/24V.
LVR: 12.6V ADJ 11V….13.5V, .2/24V.
Float Voltage: 13.8V ADJ 13V….15V; .2/24V.
Boost charging: 14.4V; x2/24V; Battery Voltage less than 12Vstart boost charging 2 hours.
Battery Over Voltage Protection: 16.5V; x 2/24V.
Reverse Connection Protection: Yes.
Load Over Current Protection: Yes, every two minutes restart once.

Weight 0.23 kg
Dimensions 16 × 8.8 × 3.7 cm