Solar Charge Controller PWM 40A 12/24V

R650.00 incl VAT

The PWM Solar Charge Controller 40A 12/24V is a high quality, mid-range solar controller with user-selectable input voltage (12 or 24V) and charge current (40A).

PWM Solar Charge Controller 40A 1224V is a solar charge controller, designed for off-grid PV systems, to control the charging and discharging of the battery. This controller provides the proper amount of current to adequately charge batteries, keeping them at their full capacity for a longer period. It has an intelligent algorithm to prevent overcharging which cuts down on corrosion and extends your battery life.

Your benefit is a healthy battery, greater reliability and longer service life, optimized and intelligent charging process for 12V or 24V nominal systems, can support up to 40A current when needed Keeps the battery charged efficiently and safely with PWM controlled charging & discharging.


  • Solar Charge Controller.Charge Type: PWM.
  • System Voltage: 12V/24.
  • Max. charge current: 40A.
  • Max. Input Voltage of solar panel: 55V.
  • Max. discharge current: 20A.
  • Self-consumption: 10mA.
  • LVD: 11.0V ADJ 9V….12V; .2/24V.
  • LVR: 12.6V ADJ 11V….13.5V, .2/24V.
  • Float Voltage: 13.8V ADJ 13V….15V; .2/24V.
  • Boost charging: 14.4V; x2/24V; Battery Voltage less than 12Vstart boost charging 2 hours.
  • Battery Over Voltage Protection: 16.5V; x 2/24V.
  • Reverse Connection Protection: Yes.
  • Load Over Current Protection: Yes.
  • Dimensions: 88mm x 160mm x 37mm.
  • Weight: 230.
Weight 0.23 kg
Dimensions 8.8 × 16 × 3.7 cm

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