Solar Fuse 12A 1000VDC 10X38mm

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Solar Fuse 12A 1000VDC 10X38mm is a 10×38 mm, 12 amp, 1000 VDC fuse typically used as a DC protection device and isolating solar panel strings.

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Solar Fuse is a PV fuse for isolating PV strings. It can keep the insulation intact and prevent the short circuit caused by over-voltage, reverse connection and other adverse conditions from propagating to other components such as BOS/inverter/charger, etc.

These fuses work by stopping the current flowing through a device thereby cutting the power supply. This is used in photovoltaic systems as a protective measure against overcharging or shorts to earth on the array.

12A Solar Fuse 1000VDC 10X38mm, 1000Vdc PV fuses are for protecting and isolating photovoltaic strings. The fuses are specifically designed for use in PV systems with extreme ambient temperature, high cycling, and low fault current conditions (reverse current, multi-array fault) string arrays.