Solar Fuse 15A 1000VDC 10X38mm

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The 15A Solar Fuse 1000VDC 10X38mm provides protection and isolated for photovoltaic strings. As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of fuses, ALC has established a clear competitive advantage in quality, delivery, and service.

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These fuses are designed for use in string-level protection and isolation of photovoltaic systems. The fuses are high capacity 15A, 1000VDC, 10×38 mm fuses that are designed to be easy to install or replace. A 15amp solar fuse that operates at 1000 volts nominal. These fuses are UL listed and are suitable for use in photovoltaic (PV) systems with cables of up to 6mm diameter. With low resistance glass liner, they have excellent flexibility and high operating voltage. It’s time to give your PV system the protection it deserves. These fuses are designed for high power applications, like yours.