Solar Fuse 25A 1000VDC 10X38mm

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25A-Solar-Fuse-1000VDC-10X38mm – Solar Fuse 25A 1000VDC 10X38mm is used to protect photovoltaic cells and wiring from excessive current. This fuse is ideally used on a string of solar cells and or wiring when high currents are expected. It is rated at 25 amps, 1000Vac.

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PV fuses 25A are used to protect and isolate photovoltaic strings from short circuits, overload, and other unwanted situations. In a normal system, fuses are protected in the system box with other equipment and do not require protection from the environment.

Solar Fuse PV Fuses 25mm 1000VDC 10x38mm. Cold resistance good; Withstand voltage high; Current carrying capacity large; High resistance to abuse and impact; Require for the isolation of PV strings.