Solar Panel Mounting Clip: Mid Clamp

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The Solar Panel Mounting Mid Clamp is the perfect accessory for securing your solar panels.

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Secure your solar panels with robust Solar Panel Mounting Clip: Mid Clamp. Solar Panel Mounting Mid Clamp, our solar panel mounting mid-clamp is a versatile mounting system for solar panel installation.

  • Mid clamps: Mid clamps are used to attach the middle of a solar panel to a mounting rail.
  • Material: High-strength Aluminium 6005-T5.
  • Surface Finish: Anodizing Nature Colour.
  • Accessory: Aluminium body, EPDM Rubber, Sus304 Bolt, Spring washer, nut etc.
  • Length: 35-40mm.
  • Standard: AS/NZS 1170.2, JIS C 8955:2011.

Here’s how to install mid-clamps:

  • Ensure a level, secure mounting rail before attaching mid-clamps.
  • Tighten screws until mid-clamps secure to the rail.
  • Centre the solar panel on the mid-clamps before securing it.
  • Tighten the clamps until the panel attaches securely to the rail.
  • Upon installation, inspect your work. Confirm secure attachment of solar panels to the system.

In brief, start with a secured and level rail. Next, choose the correct tools to tighten them until the clamp holds securely. Remember, the panel must be centred before tightening. Conversely, if it’s not, adjust it priorly. Afterwards, tighten until the panel fixes securely to the rail. Lastly, inspect your work on the completion of the tasks.

Get your solar panels secure and stable. Adapt these clamps to various panels and mounting structures. Trust in their durability; benefit from their simple installation process. After all, secure panels mean an efficient and reliable energy source.