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Solar Panel Mounting Clip

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The “Solar Panel Mounting Clip” is composed of a single piece.
4 x Clips are required per solar panel.

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  • 4 Solar Panel Mounting Clips are required per solar panel.
  • Solar panel mounting clips reduce maintenance: unlike screws, our clips once properly installed do not require to be exchanged or maintained. The clip performs two functions, fastening and grounding the PV panels onto the supporting Solar Mounting Rail.
  • Solar Panel Mounting Clip makes solar panels easily attach to steel structures. The mounting Clip latching system offers anti-theft properties, but most importantly it makes installation and uninstallation fast and safe.
  • Solar Panel Mounting Clip minimizes time-to-installation time and increases safety for surface workers as it requires no additional tools for hardware manipulation.
  • The installation process does not require any technical skills. Installers just need to apply PV modules on their rails ensuring that sensors of the power splice are properly aligned with their slots in order to minimize any damage throughout the installation steps.

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 5 cm

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