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Solar Panel Wire 6mm Red

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Price per meter.
6 Millimeter Red Solar Panel Wire Are Used For Positive Connections

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PV Wire is used in the solar industry for solar panel installations.
Price is per meter. Wire for solar PV installations.
Available in 6mm Red and 6mm Black.

Our 6mm Red PV Wire is the standard wire used in the solar industry for solar panel installations. Our PV Wire is PVC coated for outdoor use. The 6mm red wire is ideal for running from your solar panels to your charge controller or inverter. It is used for solar panel installations that require red positive and black negative wires. We feature the best selection online for solar panel cables. Our 6mm solar panel cable is one of our lowest cost per watt cables. This 6mm Red cable is easy to work with and easy to install, not to mention extremely durable. This 6mm Red cable can be installed indoors or outdoors in either orientation, even underwater. The 6mm thick solar panel cables are designed for easy DIY installation and the basic system uses. They are typically a very low-cost solution with minimal installation requirements making them great for renters and situations where you need to put the panel up and take it down every few days. The red wire allows you to identify positive from the negative cable.