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Solax 7.5Kw Hybrid Inverter

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The 7.5kW Hybrid Inverter is a Hybrid Solar Inverter that provides solar energy for houses and commercial buildings. Solax is the preferred choice for Hybrid Solar Power (HSP) in South Africa.

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Solax 7.5KW Hybrid Inverter, an Inverter from SolaX Power is offering a 7.5Kw Hybrid Inverter model that can be installed with up to 4 Solax Lithium-ion batteries, enabling 23kWh of storage.

Solax 7.5KW Hybrid Inverter, the newest X-Hybrid generation 4 has been designed and developed using the very latest solar technology. Solax have pushed back the boundaries for what is possible when designing a storage inverter. The 7.5KW hybrid inverter, a combination of a solar inverter and a battery charger, the leading technology used in the state of the art applications such as grid parity systems.

Datasheet _Solax Inverter 7.5KW X1-Hybrid

  • Support 150% oversized PV power.- Excess energy to the battery.
  • Fast charging and high power discharge. – Max 30A charging & discharge current.
  • Remote units control & upgrading function.- External control communication interface.
  • Working under extremely cold conditions. -Working in full load under extreme cold temp -35°C.
  • On & off-grid parallel use.- Inverter on and off gird parallel to support higher power loads.
  • Unbalanced output supported.- Prevent voltage imbalance when using high-power electrical appliances..

7.5KW Solax Inverter  X1-Hybrid G4 Single Phase.
Inverter Specifications.

Input (AC).

  • Max. PV array power: 10000Wp.
  • Max. input current (input A / input B): 14/14A.
  • MPPT voltage range: 70-550V.
  • Start operating voltage: 90V.
  • No. of MPPT trackers / String per MPPT: 2/1.

Input (AC).

  • Max. apparent AC power: 9200VA.

Output (AC).

  • Nominal AC power: 500VA.
  • Max. apparent AC power: 7500VA.
  • Nominal grid voltage (AC voltage range): 220/230/240 (180-270)V.
  • Nominal grid frequency/range: 50/60Hz.

Output Dc (Battery)

  • Battery type: L-iron
  • Battery voltage range: 80-480V
  • Max. continuous charge / discharge current: 30A

Eps Output (With Battery)

  • EPS Max. continuous apparent power: 7500VA
  • EPS peal apparent power (rated) [%] Duration[s]: 100%
  • Switching time: Internal switch <10

Environment Limit

  • Degree of protection (according to IEC60529): IP65
  • Operating temperature range: 5~+60 C (derating at 45 C)

Dimension And Weight

  • Dimensions (W*H*D): 482*417*181mm
  • Weight: 23kg
  • Standard warranty: 10 year

Additional information

Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 49 × 42 × 18 cm